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SANDSTROM SFMS14 Full Motion TV Bracket.

Use the lightweight and flexible Sandstrom SFMS14 Full Motion TV Bracket and enjoy easy wall-mounted television. Gives you a better view Compatible with sets featuring screens from 16 up to 32, this lightweight bracket lets you position your TV exactly where you want it for clear, unobstructed viewing. Move your set to get the best picture from virtually anywhere in the room with easy installation and a low profile that folds back to the wall when not in use. Thanks to its reduced glare function, even if you're watching your favourite programme on a sunny day with light shining through the windows, the picture will be bright, clear and colourful. Comfortable and safeThe SFMS14 has a full motion range so you can even tilt and swivel your set to enjoy your favourite films or TV when lying down in bed. A built-in safety mechanism ensures that there's no chance of accidents. See our product videos for further product information and an installation guide. With a maximum load of 15 kg, the Sandstrom SFMS14 Full Motion TV Bracket is a great way to mount your small screen TV.

UK Price: £29.99    

LOGIK L2HDINT15 High Speed HDMI Cable - 2 m.

The Logik L2HDINT15 HDMI Cable is suitable for use with 4K Ultra HD TVs, Blu-ray players, consoles, set top boxes and more.

UK Price: £9.99    

HAMA 3.5 mm to RCA Cable - 1.5 m.

The Hama 00205110 3.5 mm to RCA Cable lets you connect your phone or MP3 player to a HiFi or amplifier. So you can pump your music as loud as you want.

UK Price: £9.99    


Switch between your games console and Blu-ray player without having to unplug cables from your TV, thanks to the Sandstrom SHDSW18 5-Port HDMI Switch Box. Designed for TVs and monitors with limited HDMI connectivity, the Sandstrom SHDSW18 can be plugged into your TV's HDMI port to add five HDMI channels. With a remote control, switching to the channel you want to use is easy, whether you're watching a movie or gaming with friends. And with the ability to output in 4K resolution, you can expect consistent high speed transfer and high quality video.

UK Price: £49.99    

VOGELS WALL Series 3245 Full-Motion 32-55 TV Bracket.

Turn your TV all the way from left to right with the Vogel's WALL Series 3245 B Full-Motion 32-55 TV Bracket, as it swivels whole 180 °. And you can tilt it down 20 ° too, so you can watch from pretty much anywhere. Despite being super flexible, thanks to double arms design you can fold it as close as 5.5 cm to the wall.

UK Price: £140.00    

VOGELS WALL Series 3345 Full-Motion 40-65 TV Bracket.

Turn your TV all the way from left to right with the Vogel's WALL Series 3345 B Full-Motion 40-65 TV Bracket, as it swivels whole 180 °. And you can tilt it down 20 ° too, so you can watch from pretty much anywhere. Despite being super flexible, thanks to double arms design you can fold it as close as 5.5 cm to the wall.

UK Price: £169.00    

TTAP TTD604T1 Tilt TV Bracket.

Mount your television with the TTAP TTD604T1 Tilt TV Bracket, which tilts up to +10 °. Packaged with all the necessary fixings it is simple to install and suitable for televisions between 32  and 60  and up to 35 kg. Keep your TV secure with a locking bar, while the slim and compact bracket is only 25 mm deep.

UK Price: £24.99    

HAMA 3.5 mm to RCA Cable - 1.5 m.

The Hama 3.5 mm to RCA Cable is a straightforward solution to your analogue audio connecting needs. It's the correct cable for a variety of uses, like connecting your smartphone or MP3 player to an amplifier. The RCA end of the cable is colour-coded on the inside, so that you can easily tell the two connectors apart.

UK Price: £9.99    
9. USB-C to VGA, DVI or HDMI.

Keep this compact converter with your laptop while you're traveling, to connect to virtually any monitor, television or projector. This 3-in-1 travel adapter offers a portable solution for connecting your USB-C computer to a VGA, DVI, or HDMI display. The travel adapter is compatible with your DP alt mode computer. DP alt mode means your computer can pass a DisplayPort video signal through the USB-C port. This travel adapter comes with a built-in black USB-C cable and works well with your Dell XPS, MacBook and any device that supports USB-C DP alt mode. Instead of carrying three separate video adapters in your laptop bag, this 3-in-1 adapter gives you all the video outputs you'll need. With VGA, DVI and HDMI outputs, this adapter lets you connect from your laptop's USB Type-C port to almost any boardroom or classroom display, without the inconvenience of carrying a separate adapter for each display type. With support for multiple video outputs and a small-footprint design, this adapter is the ideal plug-and-play solution for travel or BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) applications around the office. The adapter features a built-in cable fastener. Simply tuck the cable into place along the side of the adapter for quick and secure storage while you're traveling to ensure the adapter is neatly stored in your travel bag. The HDMI output on this travel adapter supports Ultra HD 4K resolutions, providing four times the picture quality of high-definition 1080p. The HDMI output is also backward compatible with lower resolutions, such as 1080p and 720p, so the adapter is also perfect for your legacy video equipment. The VGA and DVI outputs also support high-definition maximum resolutions of up to 1920 x 1200, so you can still enjoy excellent video quality. The travel adapter is compatible with USB Type-C Intel Thunderbolt 3 devices that are capable of outputting a DisplayPort signal.

UK Price: £54.32    
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LOGIK L15DOC15 Digital Optical Cable - 1.5 m, Gold.

Digital optical cables like the Logik L15DOC15 1.5m Digital Optical Cable allow you to transfer digital audio signals between devices in superior quality. Why not try out the L15DOC15 instead of using traditional analogue connectors. With 1.5 m to play with, and with gold-plated connector material, this cable is practical as well as providing high-quality digital audio. Treat your digital devices to the Logik L15DOC15 1.5m Digital Optical Cable.

UK Price: £9.99    

AVF AL210 Tilt TV Bracket.

Adjust your TV to get the best visuals for your space with the AL210 Tilt TV BracketPerfect for TV's up to 39  and weighing up to 20kg, you'll easily be able to alter the position of your screen to avoid glare, so you'll never have to close the curtains to get the best from your TV. Find the best angle from wherever in the room you want to watch with the tilt mechanism, which also make it perfect if you want to install your TV in a corner. With a low profile that won't detract from your screen, the AL210 is quick and simple to install with all the fixings you need included.

UK Price: £20.99    


Need to make your HDMI cable stretch across the room? Just connect two together with the Logik LHDMEX19 HDMI Adapter.

UK Price: £4.99    

ONE 4 ALL Smart WM 2411 Fixed 32 - 65 TV Bracket.

Mount your TV to the wall with the One For All Smart WM 2411 Fixed 32 - 65 TV Bracket. It can hold up to 100 kg of TV weight so you can use it even for heavier models.

UK Price: £15.99    

VOGELS WALL Series 2246 Full Motion 32-55 TV Bracket.

Turn your TV all the way from left to right with the Vogel's WALL 2246 Full motion 32-55 TV Bracket, as it swivels whole 180 °. And it tilts down to 20 °, so you can watch your TV from pretty much anywhere in the room. With the double arm design, it's smooth and easy to adjust.

UK Price: £198.99    

AVF Anywall ZML8350 Fixed TV Bracket.

Top features: - Mount your TV anywhere on any wall - Neatly display your TV without any unsightly protrusion - Fit any size TV from small to as large as possible Display on any wallDisplay your television on any wall with the ZML8350 Fixed TV Bracket. It fits onto plasterboard, wood, metal stud, brick, dot and dab and concrete letting you show-off your television in almost any setting. Close to the wallThe ZML8350 features a low profile, letting you attach it to any wall without it sticking out too much. With a low profile this TV bracket provides the neatest and most modern way to display your television on any wall. Fit practically any size TVA unique two-piece design allows the bracket to fit TVs of any size from 200 mm to infinity, so no matter what size TV you have you can always display it using the Anywall ZML8350 Fixed TV Bracket

UK Price: £59.99    

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