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Eddingtons Valet Natural Bristles Scrubbing Brush.

This Eddingtons brush provides incredible cleaning power while remaining vegan friendly. There are no animal materials used; instead using coarse plant fibres to lift off and scrub away stubborn stains. Every bristle is firmly attached to a responsib

UK Price: £7.50    
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Natural Life Long Handled Dustpan and Brush Set.

Upgrade your cleaning routine with the Tower Natural Life Long-Handled Dustpan and Brush set. Made from 100% natural materials the set is biodegradable and recyclable, including its packaging, for an all-round environmentally friendly product. The brush is specifically designed for a premium cleaning experience without the need to crouch or slouch when cleaning your floors. And using the angled head you can reach those pesky areas of your home that hide under sofas and coffee tables, giving every inch of your home a premium clean. When you buy this dustpan and brush set you contribute to the re-planting of forests - which means doing your bit for the planet from the comfort of your own home. H93 x W25 x D18cm.

UK Price: £32.00    

B&Q Unscented Sugar soap Wipes Pack of 50.

B&Q Unscented Sugar soap Wipes Pack of 50. Unscented pack of 50 wipes for Cleaning a variety or materials prior to painting.

UK Price: £4.42    

Tower Aquajetplus Carpet Washer with 1L Cleaning Solution.

Featuring dual tank technology, this washer comes with a 2.3 litre clean water tank and a 1.5 litre dirty water tank, keeping the clean and dirty water completely separate for efficient cleaning. With powerful allergen removal, the excess water and solution will revitalise your carpets and short haired rugs throughout the home. Powerful - High-performance aqua jets penetrate deep into the carpet pile, quickly removing stains, odours and excess water to refresh and revitalise your carpets and short-haired rugs. Dual Tank Technology - Dual water chambers with 2.3L clean water and 1.5L dirty water capacity; the separated tanks prevent cross-contamination and make dirty water easy to empty. Suitable for homes with Pets - Heavy-duty bristles effortlessly remove pet mess and embedded dirt, making this carpet washer perfect for homes with pets. Anti-bacterial Carpet Detergent - proven to kill 99.9%** of all allergens, bacteria and coronavirus for a deeper all-round clean (** To get antibacterial or antiviral efficacy, add 100ml of detergent to 900ml of water). Lightweight & Compact - Lightweight design for strain-free movement between rooms, as well as navigating up and down your stairs. The space-saving handle can be removed for a simple storage solution. Specification • 2.3 Litre clean water tank• 1.5 Litre dirty water tank• Powerful allergen removal • Integrated cord storage• Extra-long 5 metre power cord• 3 year manufacturer guaranteeTower Professional 1 Litre Carpet Cleaning Solution• The solution has a spring fresh fragrance leaving your carpets with a pleasant aroma removing harsh odours, leaving carpets smelling fresher for longer• Leaves carpets and rugs hygienically clean• Kills 99.9 percent of bacteria• Combats tough stains and odours• Perfect for all homes including ones with pets, fighting against odour• No bleach• Refreshes and neutralises lingering pet odours

UK Price: £90.00    

Cleaning in Progress Yellow Floor Sign.

A frame floor sign marked 'Cleaning in Progress' and symbol.

UK Price: £6.00    
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Bosch Advanced 06033D12 Corded Wet & dry vacuum 20.00L.

Bosch Advanced 06033D12 Corded Wet & dry vacuum 20.00L. Use this all-purpose AdvancedVac for cleaning both wet or dry materials on your floor during any DIY jobs. It has a blowing setting that's great for moving leaves or clearing dust and debris from those hard to reach areas and also drains large amounts of water easily.

UK Price: £120.00    
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Bio D Dishwasher Rinse Aid - 750ml.

Bio D dishwasher rinse aid offers high performance while also being cost effective.   It is suitable for all types of dishwashing machines and has been naturally derived from raw materials with no petrochemicals phosphates preservatives enzymes or

UK Price: £3.69    
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Hydrophil Kids Bamboo Toothbrush - Soft - Blue.

This kids bamboo toothbrush from Hydrophil provides a gentle and effective cleaning with eco-friendly materials. The wood used is sustainable bamboo which will quickly biodegrade in landfill conditions plus a set of BPA-free Nylon bristles that are

UK Price: £3.99    
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Bio D All Purpose Sanitiser Refill - 500ml.

A handy eco friendly refill pack for the Bio D Multi Purpose Sanitiser spray. Save more plastic being produced. Made with the same great ingredientas and from the same recycled materials in recycleable packaging. Neutralises 99.9% of harmful bacte

UK Price: £2.27    
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Bosch Advancedvac 20 Corded Vacuum Cleaner 20l - 1200w.

The all-purpose AdvancedVac 20 is the ideal solution for cleaning both liquid and dry materials on floors or for use during DIY applications. Large volumes of water can be easily drained through its drain valve while its blowing function moves leaves and dirt from hard-to-reach areas. Its antistatic hose minimises electrical discharge. For constant cleaning this vacuum cleaner attaches directly to any current Bosch Home & Garden and various other manufacturer's power tools thanks to the flexible universal adapter and its conical shape.

UK Price: £115.00    
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Clothes Doctor No.5 Eco Wash for Sportswear - 250ml.

Made with natural vegan and sustainable materials this strong micro-pore unblocking wash system features Clothes Doctor ’s proprietary Freshen formula where odours bacteria and fungal spores are destroyed with natural ingredients such as tea tre

UK Price: £14.00    
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Astley Hello Embossed Coir Mat.

This pride of place Astley hello rubber embossed coir mat is made from heavy duty materials, allowing the mat to be used repeatedly without wear and tear. The doormat can be used indoors or outdoors, and is the perfect size to sit next to your front door. The non-slip base ensures safe shoe scraping, while the waterproof materials allow outdoor storage. Simply shake the mat upside down to remove the built-up mud, and see how much dirt you have kept from entering your home!Size 40 x 70cm

UK Price: £16.00    

Oakey Flexible Removal Pads - Pack of 5.

Oakey Flexible Removal Pads are useful at home in the workshop and even on trade jobs. They can be used on a range of materials to remove surface coatings and contaminants and are ideal for cleaning barbecue grills removing surface rust from tools and metal removing paint and surface coatings and even smoothing wood.

UK Price: £6.00    

HG UPV Cleaner - 500ml.

Synthetic materials especially in doors and window frames can become dirty and look bad. This type of dirt needs a powerful cleaner that does not damage the surface. The perfect solution for this is the HG UPVC œpowerful  cleaner. The formula removes even stubborn dirt without a problem without damaging the surface.

UK Price: £3.75    
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Dremel 20 piece Cleaning/Polishing set.

Dremel 20 piece Cleaning/Polishing set. This Dremel polishing kit is for to polish corrosive-resistant materials and clean hard to reach area sand is compatible with rotary tools.

UK Price: £16.42    
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