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Arms Toning Accessory, Female.

Triceps often lack muscle tone, as we don't tend to use them much in daily life. To give them an effortless workout, Slendertone arm-toning accessories use advanced EMS technology to firm up the muscles deep in the triceps, and can tone the arms in just 4-6 weeks. If you already have a Slendertone controller (supplied with the ABS belt or Bottom toning shorts), you can use this Arms accessory to tone up your arms, too! Features 4 gel pads with touch 'n' close band fastening. Please note, this product is only an accessory for use with the main Arm Toner unit: you will need the controller supplied with your Slendertone Abs or Slendertone Bottom Toner to operate it. Features of Arm Toner, sold separately: 3 programmes: 10, 15 or 20 minutes according to your needs. 20 minutes for 5 days a week are enough to firm up your arms. 99 intensity levels for maximum effectiveness. Size from 25 to 45 cm. 3 toning programmes:- Prog. 1: Beginner- Prog. 2: Intermediate- Prog. 3: Advanced Clinically proven results: 100% user satisfaction 72% reported firmer arms 89% of users reported more toned triceps* Independent clinical study conducted by Ciaran Byrne from Platinum Research, Ireland, 2007.

UK Price: £65.00    
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Electric Toothbrush, CD7901.

-Rechargeable electric toothbrush with sonic technology- Sonic technology has two actions: the mechanics that remove dental plaque and acoustic and hydrodynamic vibrations to prevent bacteria growth. - Sonic technology: 31 000 vibrations per minute-Two minute timer (brushing time recommended by dentists). -Brushing zone timer: audible warning every 30 seconds indicating when to change the brushing zone for uniform cleaning. -3 modes : Clean, smooth and massage-Rechargable Batteries Li-Ion : 30 days on a single charge- Wireless charging-Battery level indicator- Comes with two brush heads

UK Price: £40.00    
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Trio Care Electrostimulator.

TRIO CARE is an electrostimulation device, it allows you to relieve localized muscle pain, stimulate your muscles and relax. The device uses 3 electrostimulation modes: Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) by sending electrical impulses to contract the muscles to improve and facilitate muscle performance. This electro-stimulation mode promotes muscle training, recovery after exercise or minor injury and improves blood circulation. Transcutaneous Electrical Neurostimulation (TENS) sending electrical impulses to specific areas of the body to relieve localised pain by stimulating nerve endings. The massage mode, this one allows to relax the muscles, promote relaxation and reduce muscle tension. Product details: 14 programs 25 levels of intensity 2 independent adjustment channels 4 body electrodes Storage pouch Large touch design & large backlit LCD display 2 x AAA batteries included

UK Price: £55.00    
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Ab Belt EM 37.

General features Battery Power Zone worked: abdominals Objective: tone & build muscle Categories: Sport/fitness/weight loss/pain relief Removable remote control Colour: BlackColour: blueOne size

UK Price: £60.00    
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Abdominal and back electrostimulation belt.

Training the abdominal and back muscles just got easier! This abdominal and back belt supports you in your abdominal and back training and also improves recovery time. It adapts to different belly sizes. Trains central abdominal muscles and back muscles Efficient and easy to use 4 conductive carbon anti-wear contact electrodes (2 for the abdominals, 2 for the back) No contact gel or replacement electrodes required (water contact electrodes) 4 self-adhesive electrodes to stimulate individual muscles Soft ergonomic shape Belly circumference of approximately 75 to 130 cm Flexible adjustment 5 training programs (22 to 31 min) Detachable operating element with LCD display Adjustable intensity levels Timer - countdown Safety shutdown Hand washable belt Battery change indicator lightGeneral InformationCategory: Electrostimulation beltType: abdominal beltGenre: sportModel: EM 39For use by: adultsLevel: introUsage: occasionalPractical use: physicalSport preparationSports FitnessMaterials: Conductive carbon electrodesColour: Black & orangeDimensions: 8.8 x 9.1 x 2.2 cmProduct detailsPart of the body worked: Stimulation of the abdominals and lumbar musclesElectrode Anti-wear contact electrodes made of conductive carbonWater contact electrodes (no contact gel, no replacement necessary)4 electrodesAdjustable intensity, 0 - 40Other infoFlexibleBatteryRequires 3x AAA, 1.5 VRestrictions on use: Must not be used by people with a pacemaker, suffering from epilepsy, cardiac arrhythmiasor pregnant womenTimer - Countdown with remaining timeTraining memory function for continuous monitoringSafety stop / Pause function / Automatic stop / Keypad lockDetachable operating elementInput intensity: maximum length. 70V p-p for 500 Ohm loadOutput intensity: maximum length. 140 mA p-p for 500 Ohm loadOutput frequency: 30-80 HzPulse width: 200 & mu's per phaseShape of pulsations: symmetrical square pulses, biphasic

UK Price: £70.00    
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FM150 Pro Pressure Therapy Device for Legs.

Discover the professional compression leg massager FM 150 PRO from Beurer. This compression device improves your blood circulation. In addition, it relieves tension and heavy and tired legs. This compression device prevents varicose veins and spider veins. It has 4 cuffs: 2 for the calves and 2 for the thighs. Air cushions inflate and deflate to revitalise legs. You can adjust the intensity of the massage continuously. The massager has a timer function of 10, 20 or 30 minutes and a safety STOP button. It is very easy to use this device thanks to its manual control. In addition, the cuffs adapts to the legs thanks to the hook-and-loop closure. Revitalising massage by pressure and lymphatic drainage. Promotes blood circulation and relieves heavy and tired legs. Relieves muscle tension. Massage by air pressure and inflation and deflation of the cushions. Infinitely adjustable massage intensity. With 4 armbands: 2 for the femur and 2 for the lower part of the legs. Alternate inflation of the legs. With safety STOP button. With the deflation function - for rapid deflation of the air cushion. Timer included: 10/20/30 min. Easy to use thanks to mobile manual control - for use at home or on the go. Individual adjustment of the cuff by means of hook and loop straps. Storage case included. 3 watts. Medical device Operates on batteries or mainsAC adapter power: Input: 100-240V~, 50/60Hz, 200 mA Output: DC 6V 500 mA Incl. 4 batteries AA x 1.5V Dimensions (LxlxH): Femur cuff: 85 x 23.5 x 0.5 cm Lower leg cuff: 61 x 67 x 0.5 cm Weight: approx. 1.7 kg

UK Price: £295.00    
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Electrostimulator for Period Pain.

The BEURER Electrostimulator for Period PainIf every month you suffer from period pain? let us introduce you to your new best friend: Beurer Menstrual Relax period pain relief device!Individually adjustable heat and TENS function relieves pain and allows you to relax. Plus, thanks to its rechargeable battery and 15 TENS intensity levels, you can use it anywhere, anytime, whenever you need it.! Helps relieve menstrual pain or endometriosis Combination of heat and TENS Reusable With battery 2 interchangeable gel electrodes 1 heat program, 15 TENS intensity levels LED function indicator LED battery change indicator Soft ergonomic shape Automatic shutdown after 20 minutes Rechargeable battery included (320 mAh)Purple colour One size

UK Price: £70.00    
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Stimulator SP 2.0.


UK Price: £350.00    
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Stimulator SP 6.0.


UK Price: £799.00    
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Circulation Electrostimulation Mat.

When the feet lack circulation, they can become swollen, cold, and start cramping.. Fluid may collect in the legs due to slow blood flow and, as a result, they appear swollen and swollen. Foot Stimulation Massager is proven to improve local circulation, which allows blood from the feet to flow upward and hence helps reduce swelling.. . . Product details LOW FREQUENCY PHYSIOTHERAPY DEVICE - It uses low frequency to help patients relieve pain in a gentle way until they completely get rid of the discomfort. MULTI-FUNCTION - Stimulates the muscles of the feet and calves with Low Frequency Pulse Technology (EPS / EMS). Promote blood circulation and relax the feet. PORTABLE & HANDY - It's compact and handy and can be carried anywhere to provide instant relief. SAFE AND COMFORTABLE TO USE - It uses a foot pad made of soft and comfortable yoga mat material. The pad is skin-friendly silver with ion circuit printing. It does not harm the user. PRODUCT INFORMATION:Fabrics: Natural resinColour: BlackWeight: 28gSize: 31.5 x 30 cmIncluded: 1pc. Foot massage simulatorDO NOT USE under the following conditions People who have had an internal transplant, or any type of electronic device such as an artificial heart transplant, etc.. Not recommended for patients who have recently had surgery on the abdomen or arm, as it may interfere with the healing process. Epileptic patients. Allergic reaction to hydrogel pads. Patients with blood circulation disorders. Pregnant and postpartum women. Cancer patients. Do not use near water

UK Price: £40.00    
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Electrostimulator SP 8.0.

To optimise endurance and strength, recover faster, prevent injuries and treat pain. Connectable and easily portable, it incorporates the new MI Autorange function guaranteeing maximum results. MI (Muscle Intelligence) technology: Personalised stimulation to each physique. It adapts to each of your muscles for more effective electrostimulation, guaranteeing greater comfort and better performance. MI-SCAN : Scans the muscle and automatically adapts to your physiology. MI-ACTION : Optimises the efficiency of your session by combining voluntary movements with electrostimulated contractions for total control over your workout. MI-TENS : Makes it easy to set stimulation levels for pain control and optimal results. MI-AUTORANGE : A brand new feature that allows your device to automatically determine the most appropriate level of stimulation. Categories and Programs: Physical preparation: Endurance, resistance, strength, explosive force, overcompensation, ankle sprain prevention, cross-training, sheathing, hypertrophy, bodybuilding, potentiation, warming up, capillarisation Recovery / massage: Recovery after training, recovery after competition, relaxing massage, reduction of muscle soreness, regenerating massage - Pain relief: Pain reliever TENS, relaxant, muscle pain, neck pain, back pain, lumbago, epicondylitis, tendonitis, heavy legs, prevention of cramps Retraining : Muscle wasting Fitness Building: Firm my arms, tone my thighs, sculpt my abs, develop my biceps, strengthen my shoulders, develop my pecs, firm my stomach, sculpt my glutes, body power, lymphatic drainageProduct Details: Wireless technology Muscle intelligence : MI-scan, MI-autorange, MI-tens, MI-action in the 4 modules Connectable Download goals and information online 40 programmes 4 channels Screen: Matrix colour Power : 120 mA, 400 us, 150 Hz Battery recharges in under 2hContents: Remote control 4 modules Charging station Charger 8 small SNAP electrodes (5 x 5 cm) 4 large SNAP electrodes 2 clips (10 x 5 cm) 4 large SNAP electrodes 1 clip (10 x 5 cm) Rigid transport case Protective cover for remote control USB cable Instructions for use

UK Price: £999.00    
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H751-E Electric Nail File.

3-in-1 Electric Polisher File. File and polish fingernails and toenails. Make them shine. BaByliss 3-in-1 electric polishing file for filing, polishing and shining fingernails and toenails. Please read the safety instructions carefully before using the device. IMPORTANT Remove any existing traces of varnish on the nails. Wash hands / feet thoroughly before use. Dry hands / feet well before using the appliance. To avoid any risk of injury, do not file nails that are too short or press the polisher excessively on the surface of the nail. USAGE Switch on the device. For best results, we recommend that you use the tips in the following order: 1. the dark grey tip to file and redraw the outline of the nail according to the desired shape2. the pink tip to polish the surface of the nail and remove streaks3. the white tip to smooth and shine the surface of the nail for a neat result and a natural shine. Switch off the device after use and place the protective cover on the head of the device before storing it. Also use the device to prepare your nails for a coat of varnish or a shiny base.

UK Price: £22.00    
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