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Tower Corded and Cordless Steam Iron.

Whether you enjoy the freedom of cordless ironing or prefer the corded operation from a suitable power outlet point, this 2-in-1 Tower T22008G Corded and Cordless Turbo Steam Iron provides you with the operation to use it both ways. Features a less than 30 second heat up time, multi-layered soleplate, variable steam function with spray, anti-drip function, anti-calc function to prevent limescale build-up and self cleaning.

UK Price: £29.99    
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Tefal 3100W Airglide Steam Iron.

Introducing the 3100W Ultimate Pure, the most powerful Tefal steam iron that stops limescale stains on clothes. Only Ultimate Pure features the exclusive and patented MicroScale filter technology, a 2 in 1 innovation that stops scale by Tefal, and produces pure steam for ultimate ironing. Here is how it works: steam, polluted by limescale in the steam chamber, enters the filter. The filter captures even the smallest of scale particles and produces 100% filtered, pure steam, so you can iron without the worry of scale staining your clothes. It is easy to clean, too, just pull it out to remove the scale in one go. Combined with Tefals most powerful steam, up to 60g/min continuous and a 260g/min steam boost, this guarantees perfect ironing results. The automatic steam features means there is no need to set the steam, so you can just get on with the job. Ultimate Pure also has the new Durilium Airglide Autoclean soleplate with 33% more glide for fast and effortless ironing. 100% active steam holes ensure maximum steam distribution, so you can get through your ironing pile efficiently, while the Autoclean Palladium coating helps to keep it stain free over time without any maintenance. Rounding things off are a soft grip handle for comfortable sessions, a generous 350ml tank for fewer refills and an extra long 3m cord for maximum mobility. Ultimate Pure even turns itself off if left unattended for added safety.

UK Price: £159.99    
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Tefal FV9788 3000W Airglide Steam Iron.

Power through your laundry pile and achieve outstanding results every time with the 3000W Ultimate Anti Scale steam iron. This high performance steam iron features our exclusive removable Scale Collector: the ultimate weapon against limescale. By capturing up to 10x more scale particles to prevent blockages in the steam chamber, and helps maintain long lasting steam performance for effortless crease removal. Its easy to clean, too: simply pull it out to remove all the limescale in one go. This fast heating steam iron delivers a continuous steam output of up to 55g/min to ease crease removal and a 230g/min steam boost to tackle tough creases or for vertical steaming. The Automatic Steam function means you dont even have to worry about choosing the right amount of steam for each garment. Just select the temperature for your linen type and Ultimate Anti Scale takes care of the rest. Our Durilium Airglide Autoclean soleplate delivers our best glide for fast and effortless ironing, while more active steam holes ensure optimal steam diffusion for high efficiency ironing. The Autoclean catalytic coating keeps it stain free and in prime condition over time. Rounding things off this powerful package are an anti drip function to safeguard against stains while ironing, smart auto off for extra safety and a generous 350ml water tank for longer sessions.

UK Price: £99.99    
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Tefal Maestro Black and Gold Steam Iron.

Combining high-efficiency performance with maximum ease-of-use, the Maestro steam iron delivers an enhanced ironing experience with easy-to-use features and uncompromising performance. A continuous steam output of 40 g/minute and a 150 g steam boost come together with an easy-gliding ceramic soleplate and a convenient set of features.

UK Price: £29.99    
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Tefal 3000W Ultimate Pure Steam Iron.

The Tefal FV9830 Ultimate Pure Steam Iron boasts outstanding performance and exclusive anti-scale technology. Features micro-scale filter system, powerful steam boost up to 240g, variable steam output, ultra-thin new Durilium AirGlide soleplate, scale cleaning alert, enhanced ergonomic design for maximum comfort and sleek ultra-modern aesthetic with chrome-plated details.

UK Price: £129.99    
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Tefal 8 Bar Pro Express Steam Gen Iron.

Meet your new ironing weapon for ultimate results, fast. The Tefal Pro Express Ultimate GV9580 high pressure steam generator iron features new boiler technology for high-efficiency ironing. Up to 8 bars of high-pressure steam delivers a powerful 180g/min continuous steam for faster, easier ironing and flawless results, while the 600g/min steam boost makes light work of heavy creases. This exceptional steam power combines with exclusive double protection to keep your clothes looking their best: our Protect System converts water droplets into steam to prevent stains, while the Scale Collector captures up to 10 x more particles to maintain long-lasting steam performance for effortless crease removal. Slim and lightweight, the iron itself is incredibly comfortable to handle.

UK Price: £449.99    
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Tefal 2500W Ultraglide Steam Iron.

Combining Tefal's fastest and easiest glide with powerful steam, the Ultraglide steam iron ensures a great finish with a lot less effort. With 33% more glide, the new Durilium Airglide soleplate makes ironing fast and easy. 100% active steam holes give you maximum steam distribution to remove creases efficiently, while the precision tip lets you iron in between buttons and pleats with ease. It's scratch-resistant too, so you know it will stay ultra-smooth over time.

UK Price: £49.99    
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Tefal Ultimate Turbo Pro AntiScale Iron.

Tackle your iron pile with joy thanks to the Tefal FV5670 Ultimate Turbo Pro Anti-Scale Steam Iron, which boasts patented Turbo Boost steam propulsion technology, the patented removable Scale Collector and the sleek Durilium Airglide soleplate for outstanding ironing results, every day.

UK Price: £94.99    
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Tefal 7.5 Bar Steam Generator Iron.

The Tefal GV9071 7.5 Bar Pro Express Care Steam Generator Iron is the most powerful high pressure steam generator for meticulous ironers. Features a powerful protection programme: Spiral Protect turns water drips into steam to prevent staining whilst the Scale Collector prevents the build-up of limescale, an Aqua Boost vaporizer to deliver an unlimited powerful mist spray, 3 digital optimum steam and temperature settings, more active steam holes for optimal steam distribution, removable water tank, safety lock and integrated cord storage.

UK Price: £299.99    
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Russell Hobbs 26020 One Temp Steam Iron.

It's time to whizz through your ironing pile with the Cordless One Temperature Iron, that has no cord or temperature dial to hold you back. Bringing you the future of ironing with One Temperature Technology, it has been designed to deliver the optimum heat to safely use on all iron-able fabrics. Ironing has never been easier! Enjoy the convenience of Cordless and tackle every, crease, wrinkle or crumple in your clothes, with complete freedom.

UK Price: £59.99    
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Russell Hobbs 2400W Mulberry Steam Iron.

Just select the fabric temperature with the dial and the Russell Hobbs 24820 Light & Easy Bright Mulberry Steam Iron will automatically adjust to the perfect steam output for you thanks to its auto steam technology. Features vertical steaming, variable temperature setting, transparent water tank, and colour infused soleplate. Includes fill jug.

UK Price: £26.99    
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Russell Hobbs Freedom Cordless Iron.

Experience the freedom of cordless ironing with the Russell Hobbs 23300 Freedom Cordless Steam Iron. Features a smooth non-stick soleplate that will glide through even stubborn creases without snagging, transparent water tank, 30 seconds heat up time with 5 seconds re-charge, auto shut-off, anti-calc and anti-drip fucntions, 25 seconds of steam performance, 25 seconds of reset time and mechanical variable temperature control.

UK Price: £37.99    
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Swan SI3070N 900W Travel Iron.

Swan SI3070N 900W Travel Iron with Pouch. Operating at 900W and equipped with a stainless steel soleplate for a smoother glide over any type of fabric, this travel iron is the ideal way to deal with laundry duties on the go. Offering a 100ml water tank, which minimises the need for refills, this travel iron features variable temperature controls to suit different ironing preferences and a steam button to help you deal with tough creases no matter where you are. Includes travel pouch and measuring beaker. Dual voltage. 0.5kg. 2 year manufacturer's guarantee.

UK Price: £14.99    
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Russell Hobbs 1800W My Iron Steam Iron.

Glide over your garments with ease using the Russell Hobbs 25580 My Iron Steam Iron, whether it?s the last-minute shirt in the morning or the weekly pile of ironing, the My Iron has you covered for all your ironing needs. Features self-clean function, vertical steam and a lightweight design. 2m cord length.

UK Price: £14.99    
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Russell Hobbs 2400W Auto Steam Pro Iron.

The innovative EvenSteam Soleplate design of the Russell Hobbs 22522 2400W Autosteam Pro Steam Iron includes more steam holes than most other irons whilst heating evenly at a controlled temperature. Features superior heat distribution, smooth glide, water spray, self-cleaning, variable temperature, temp controlled steam and anti-drip function.

UK Price: £26.99    
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