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Sterling Silver Mercy Ear Cuff.

Sterling Silver Mercy Ear Cuff

UK Price: £75.00    

Sterling Silver Curve Earrings Small.

A sculptural expression of two perfect curves, joined together with a sharp defining line, these discrete and sophisticated earrings sit close to the lobe like an ear cuff. Worn as a pair or combined with others such as the medium sized version, they are understated enough to be worn for both day and evening and have a truly timeless quality. Danish born Regitze Overgaard is famous for her ability to capture the very essence of nature in her sensuous and organic jewellery. Her understanding of proportion and uncompromising attitude towards craftsmanship have resulted in the Curve collection that excels in its exploration of shape, fit and beauty. The small Curve earrings are expertly crafted from sterling silver.

UK Price: £165.00    

Sterling Silver Offspring Bracelet.

The Offspring bracelet celebrates the unbreakable bond that exists between mother and child. Two delicately crafted organic shapes are interlocked, the small one protected by the large one, in a timeless and emotional tribute to the power of a mother s love. When designing the Offspring collection, it was important to designer Jacqueline Rabun that the pieces become a part of your body, and that you feel empowered when wearing them. The Offspring bracelet is made out of sterling silver, and the length of the bracelet can be adjusted with ease by using the loops.

UK Price: £125.00    

Sterling Silver Torun Bangle Large.

The TORUN bangle stands as an iconic symbol of togetherness. The woman behind the design was Vivianna Torun B ¼low-H ¼be. She was a strong-minded, unconventional and forward-thinking silversmith, and she would go on to create some of the most recognised designs in the history of Georg Jensen. In a male-dominated industry Vivianna set new design standards with her artistic and organic interpretations of functionality and aesthetics. She once said, that a piece of jewellery should be like an expression of love, and the TORUN bangle emphasised this; we are stronger together then when apart. The TORUN bangle is made out of sterling silver.

UK Price: £325.00    

Sterling Silver Infinity Pendant.

A perfect expression of Scandinavian minimalist jewellery, this pendant necklace takes the form of a single twist of sterling silver suspending from a fine chain. Inspired by the mathematical symbol for infinity, the shape could also be seen to represent endless love - very fitting for a gift that is worn over the heart. Danish-born Regitze Overgaard is recognised as a true master of contemporary Scandinavian jewellery design. Her use of organic shapes and natural forms has lead to collections that are beautiful example of understated elegance. Her work has a truly timeless appeal. The pendant is masterfully crafted from sterling silver and hangs from a fine chain.

UK Price: £180.00    

Sterling Silver Mercy Mega Bangle M/L.

Inspired by the passage of time, with the gap between the two ends maybe representing a pause for quiet contemplation, this striking sterling silver bangle makes a bold statement. The sculptural form has a sense of fluidity that makes it wrap naturally around the wrist. Designer Jacqueline Rabun strongly believes that jewellery should have an emotional impact and not just be beautiful. Her Mercy collection masterfully demonstrates this with its organic shapes representing the flow of time and the different paths that life can take. The bangle is beautifully crafted from sterling silver. It has an integrated hinge lock for ease of putting on and taking off.

UK Price: £675.00    

Sterling Silver Reflect 55cm Chain Necklace.

Sterling Silver Reflect Chain Necklace

UK Price: £635.00    

Sterling Silver Hidden Heart Pendant.

The M ¶bius form is a never-ending shape with only one surface and only one boundary, and it served as the inspiration for the HIDDEN HEART pendant. In the eyes of its designer, the enigmatic Swedish silversmith Vivianna Torun B ¼low-H ¼be, the shape encapsulates the strength of true love. When turned upside down, you can find a heart in the middle of the pendant. It is a subtle token of femininity, and a truly ageless piece of jewellery. The HIDDEN HEART pendant is made from sterling silver. You can use its hoops to adjust the size of the chain for a perfect fit.

UK Price: £205.00    

Sterling Silver Reflect Chain Bracelet Size Large.

Sterling Silver Reflect Chain Bracelet Size Large

UK Price: £325.00    

Sterling Silver Reflect Chain Bracelet Size Medium.

Sterling Silver Reflect Chain Bracelet Size Medium

UK Price: £325.00    

Sterling Silver Reflect 45cm Chain Necklace.

Sterling Silver Reflect Chain Necklace

UK Price: £525.00    

Sterling Silver Reflect 21.5cm Bracelet.

Sterling Silver Reflect Bracelet

UK Price: £575.00    

Sterling Silver Reflect Drop Earrings.

Sterling Silver Reflect Drop Earrings

UK Price: £295.00    

18ct Yellow Gold Mercy Ear Cuff.

18ct Yellow Gold Mercy Ear Cuff

UK Price: £525.00    

Sterling Silver Reflect 19.5cm Bracelet.

Sterling Silver Reflect Bracelet

UK Price: £575.00    

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