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BLACK DECKER BHSM1610DSM-GB 2-in-1 Steam Mop - White & Blue.

Clean any surface around your home easily with the AutoSelect technology, steam burst floorhead and a range of accessories on this Black + Decker steam mop. What we love- It kills 99.9% of germs using just tap water - there's no need for harsh or expensive chemicals- Use the steam burst floorhead to tackle even stubborn grease and grime with ease- Thanks to the AutoSelect technology, you can use it on any sealed floors and carpets- When it's time for a clean, just fill up the water tank and it's ready to go in 20 secondsGood to know- Clean even tight spaces with the delta floor head for a perfectly clean home- Filling the 500 ml tank is easy - simply add water, with no chemicals needed- It includes a range of accessories for versatile cleaning- You can get  20 minutes of continuous use, so you can get the kitchen and bathroom clean, all in one go- It has an 8 m long power cord, so you won't need to keep switching plug sockets

UK Price: £139.99    
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BELDRAY BEL0701TQN Handheld Steam Cleaner - Turquoise.

Clean your upholstery, oven, bathroom tiles and more with the Beldray  BEL0701TQN Handheld Steam Cleaner. It uses a powerful jet of steam to soften grease and grime, so you can wipe away stubborn dirt more easily. The steamer heats up in less than 3 minutes, so you won't have to wait long to get cleaning. And the 250 ml capacity is enough for up to 10 minutes' continuous use. You'll have plenty of room to work thanks to the cleaner's 4 m long power cable. You can change the cleaning nozzles to suit different tasks - it comes with a range of attachments.

UK Price: £27.99    
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BELDRAY BEL0749N Window Vacuum Cleaner - White & Green.

Enjoy drip and streak-free window cleaning with the  Beldray  BEL0749N Window  Vacuum Cleaner.  It's perfect for windows, mirrors or a showers. Cordless operation means no cables in your way, so you can clean for up to 30 minutes. The battery takes just 2 - 3 hours to recharge.  It's lightweight and compact design means your hand won't be ache. There's plenty of space for water and condensation inside the 60 ml water tank.

UK Price: £24.99    
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BELDRAY Clean&Refresh BEL01040 Upright Carpet Cleaner - Red & Gray.

Good to know- This 600 W carpet cleaner can use  any carpet shampoo  - perfect for removing stubborn stains or embedded dirt from your carpets and rugs- Clean around your home easily thanks to the 6 m long power cord-  Thanks to the  dual-tank system,  the dirty water is kept separate from the clean one, so you won't end up splashing dirty water back on your carpets

UK Price: £89.99    
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BISSELL Vac & Steam 1977E Steam Mop - Blue & Silver.

Clean up mess throughout your home with the Bissell  Vac & Steam 1977E Steam Mop. You can use it as a vacuum cleaner or as a steam mop, or both together. You can vacuum spills and liquids, while the mop pads soak up any liquid. Both soft and scrubby pads are included - the soft pads are perfect for delicate floor types, whilst the scrubby pads are great for dealing with stubborn dirt. Using just water, you can hygenically clean your floors. When you're done, you can pop the pads straight into the washing machine. It's easy to empty the dry debris tank with the plunger, and you can quickly replace the pads. The pivoting head makes it simple to clean around or under furniture.

UK Price: £139.00    
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BISSELL HydroWave 2571E Upright Carpet Cleaner - Red.

Vacuuming doesn't always get all the dirt. The Bissell  HydroWave 2571E Upright Carpet Cleaner  helps you to get allergens and bacteria from your carpets thanks to the XL motorised brush roll that deep cleans carpet. For a quick freshen up, use Express Mode that can clean and dry your carpets in about 30 minutes. Deep Clean mode helps to penetrate deep into the carpet. Even tough stains can be tackled - just use the CleanShot Pre-Treater. As the clean and dirty water are kept entirely separate, you can be sure that you're always using clean water on your floor. You can easily clean under furniture as the HydoWave  can lay close to the floor - no more lugging furniture out of the way. It's lightweight too, which means it's easy to use around the house. The retractable handle makes it easier to store without taking up precious space.

UK Price: £219.97    
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VAX Rapid Power Refresh CDCW-RPXR Upright Carpet Cleaner - Purple & Graphite.

The Vax Rapid Power Refresh  CDCW-RPXR  Upright Carpet Cleaner has an extra large tank capacity of over 4 litres, so you don't have to keep refilling it. The automix system means you won't need to measure out water and cleaning solution, so you'll be able to get going quickly. You can clean hard floors, upholstery, stairs and car interiors thanks to the stratch hose and wash tools. The Vax spinscrub brushes rotate in different directions when cleaning, so they effectively lift and remove all the dust and dirt on the way. Clean all the way upto the skirting boards thanks to the edge to edge brushbars. With the function Quick dry your carpets will be dry and smelling fresh in less than an hour.

UK Price: £199.00    
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VAX Compact Power CWCPV011 Upright Carpet Cleaner - White.

Keep your home spotless with the Vax Compact Power CWCPV011 Upright Carpet Cleaner. Your carpets will be cleaned hygienically, with an antimicrobial treatment on the AQUASPIN brush bar preventing bacteria, mould and mildew from developing. There are two tanks to keep clean and dirty water separate, so you won't end up splashing dirty water into your carpets. Lightweight and easy to store, the Compact Power CWCPV011 is an ideal choice to keep your home looking its best.

UK Price: £99.99    
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VAX Rapid Power 2 CDCW-RPXL Upright Carpet Cleaner - Red, Grey & White.

Stains lurking deep in your carpet are no match for the SpinScrub brushes on the Vax Rapid Power 2. It uses 5 rotating brushes to lift dirt from every angle, so your carpets will be left clean and fresh. There's even a SpinScrub hand tool that's perfect for cleaning stairs or behind your furniture. The HEAT BLAST technology uses hot air and lifts away water to dry your carpets quickly - no more soggy socks. Good to know- Give your carpets a spruce up with the Quick Clean mode- Deep Clean mode helps to shift tough dirt and dried stains- You won't waste any cleaning fluid - it's got its own solution tank, so you can pop it back in the bottle if you don't use it all- It adds just the right amount of solution and water using Automix technology- Clean for longer with the extra large tank- A handy indicator lets you know when it's time to empty the tank

UK Price: £229.00    
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VAX Rapid Power 2 Reach CDCW-RPXLR Upright Carpet Cleaner - Blue, Grey & White.

The SpinScrub technology on the Vax Rapid Power 2 Reach means you can make sure your floors are really clean. It reaches deep into the carpet with 5 counter-rotating brushes that lifts dirt from every angle. It's got an extra large tank that means you can clean for longer between refills. The HEAT BLAST technology uses hot air and lifts away water to dry your carpets quickly - no more soggy socks. Good to know- It includes a SpinScrub Hand Tool for tough stains and a Crevice Tool for awkward spaces- Clean up animal messes with the special Pet Tool- The 3.5 m stretch tool and long power cord means that you can clean all around your home- You won't waste any cleaning fluid - it's got its own solution tank, so you can pop it back in the bottle if you don't use it all- It adds just the right amount of solution and water using Automix technology

UK Price: £199.00    
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VAX Rapid Power Revive Upright Carpet Cleaner - Grey.

Get a deeper clean for your carpets The Vax Rapid Power Revive Carpet Cleaner can get your carpet looking as good as the day you bought it. It's great for homes with pets - its SpinScrub brushes reach deep inside the carpet to remove any muddy paw prints that your dog tracks in from playing outside. If you're bringing your pup back from the park, you can easily clean any mud off your car seats - the Rapid Power Revive works on plenty of carpeted and fabric surfaces. Clean the house faster The large tank capacity lets  you clean further before needing to stop to refill. AutoMix technology saves you even more time by automatically diluting the Vax solution,providing the perfect mix of water and solution to clean your carpets. Get your home ready for guests When having guests over you want your home in tip-top shape. The Revive cleans your carpets thoroughly by going right up to the edge - dirt has nowhere to hide. Select Quick Dry mode if your guests will be over soon. This mode will have your carpets clean and dry in only 45 minutes so no one gets soggy feet. Antimicrobial  treatmentEmbedded with an antimicrobial treatment, this cleaner is  ready to take on deep down dirt whilst remaining hygienic to use time and time again.  This means you can have peace of mind while the little ones play. Keep the home smelling fresh Look out for our range of carpet cleaning solutions designed for use with your new carpet cleaner. They help to keep your carpet clean as well as leaving a fresh-smelling scent.

UK Price: £149.00    
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VILEDA 146575 Steam Mop - Red & Black.

- Clean hardwood floors and carpets without chemicals - Ready to use in just 15 seconds - Kills 99.9 percent of bacteria - Lightweight and easy to use - Shaped for easy corner cleaningSuitable for almost all floor types The Vileda 146575 Steam Mop can be used to clean nearly all floors from sealed hardwood floors to carpets, with minimum and maximum steam settings to cater for different floor types. Ready in 15 seconds This Steam Mop makes steam cleaning simple. Just fill the tank with water, plug it in and then push the On/Off button - it will be ready to use in just 15 seconds. Ultra-hygienic germ killer The ultra-hygienic power of steam combined with the microfiber pad eliminates up to 99.9 percent of bacteria from your floor. Super light and easy to use The Vileda Steam Mop weighs just over 2 kg, which makes it super easy to carry around and steam clean anywhere in your home. Easier corner cleaning A triangular shaped head and carpet glider attachment  make it easy to get into and clean any corners.

UK Price: £67.50    
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VAX ONEPWR Glide Cordless Upright Hard Floor Cleaner - Grey & Blue.

Lightweight and great for any sealed floor type, the Vax  ONEPWR Glide Cordless Upright Hard Floor Cleaner  leaves your floors spotless and hygienically clean. You'll be able to wash, vacuum and dry your hard floors all in one go. And you can use the multi-surface brush tool to loosen dirt and debris from specifically stubborn areas. As you go from room to room, the powerful LED light illuminates your cleaning area so you can see every speck of dust. And with a 30-minute run time, you can finish your entire home without needing to recharge. The ONEPWR battery fits other Vax ONEPWR devices. So instead of filling up a drawer with random batteries, you can use the same ONEPWR battery for your vacuum, carpet or hard floor cleaner. When you're done, the Auto Clean System gets your ONEPWR Glide  hard floor cleaner ready for next time.

UK Price: £199.00    
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VAX SpotWash 1-1-142359 Carpet Cleaner - Graphite & Red.

Keep your carpets free of stains with the powerful Vax SpotWash 1-1-142359 Carpet Cleaner. No matter if you spilled coffee on a rug or need to get rid of a tough stain from a hard floor - this versatile cleaner with practical attachment heads tackles any kind of stain with no problem. Carry the cleaner effortlessly around your house thanks to its lightweight and portable design. Cleaning of the SpotWash becomes easy thanks to its Self Clean function. Just flush the hose clean to remove any dirt or residue.

UK Price: £129.00    
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VAX Dual Power Pet Advance ECR2V1P Upright Carpet Cleaner - Grey.

Top features:   - Thorough carpet cleaning with dual rotating brushes - Spacious twin tanks keep clean and dirty water separated - Remove stubborn stains with pre-treatment Thorough carpet cleaning Refresh your carpets and remove any pet odours with the Vax Dual Power Pet Advance Carpet Cleaner. For a consistent and thorough clean, the Vax Dual Carpet Cleaner features dual rotating power brushes that get deep into the carpet pile - removing deep and embedded dirt. Spacious twin tanks To make sure clean and dirty water doesn't mix, the spacious twin tanks keep everything separated and as hygienic as possible. And when you need to fill or empty the tanks, they can be released and reattached with easy clips. Remove stubborn stains For the most stubborn stains, the pre-treatment wand and solution helps to lift tricky marks while neutralising any pet smells. And for cleaning your upholstery, car interior and stairs, the wash tool is ideal. Clean your whole home comfortably with the lightweight and portable Dual Power Carpet Cleaner, which has a long cable and stretch hose so you can reach around a number of rooms at once.

UK Price: £169.00    
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