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The MUVI Extended Pole Mount is designed to give users a better field of vision which is ideal for self-portrait filming with the help of the strong and robust extended arm built to any tube diameter ranging between 0.9 mm-23 mm. The MUVI Extended Pole Mount has 2 ratchet pivots that are fully adjustable to allow you to angle your MUVI or MUVI HD any way you want. The MUVI Extended Pole Mount comes with a tripod mount but is also compatible with the cradle mount that comes with your MUVI or MUVI HD camera. It can be mounted anywhere from a bike frame or handlebars to car roll bar or cages. The mount is also ideal for motorbikes for viewing over the wind deflector to ensure that you don't compromise on quality of the footage.

UK Price: £3.87    
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Veho MUVI K-Series Water Sports Float.

The Veho water sports 3M float accessory is the must have add on for any water sports enthusiast to help your MUVI HD waterproof case float in the water. The water sports 3M float accessory comes in sports orange so it's easy to spot and attaches directly to the back of your MUVI HD waterproof case to keep it afloat. The water sports 3M flat accessory is ideal for surfing, boating, wakeboarding, kayaking, scuba diving or any other water activity. Please note that the water sports 3M float accessory only supports the weight of the MUVI HD camera inside the waterproof case, it doesn't support any additional mounts attached to the MUVI HD water proof case.

UK Price: £13.00    
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Veho VCC-A037-RC Rugged carry case for Muvi K-Series.

Marketing description is not available.

UK Price: £4.83    
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Veho MUVI 3M K-Series Flat Adhesive Mount (pack of 3).

Pack of 3 x MUVI 3M Flat Adhesive Mounts for use with your MUVI or MUVI HD camcorder. These mounts allow you to mount your MUVI camcorder securely to any flat surface. They will hold your camcorder securely in place but can easily be removed by applying heat, such as using a hair dryer.

UK Price: £13.00    
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Veho VCC-A041-MBK 3M Mounting bracket kit for Muvi.

The 3M mounting bracket kit for the MUVI K-Series range includes a curved and a flat 3M adhesive mount. The 3M mounting bracket kit will allow you to secure your MUVI K-Series camera to any flat or curved surface. The curved mount is designed for mounting to helmets of all kinds while the flat mount is perfect for any flat surface. They are compatible when the K-Series is in the waterproof housing or when the MUVI K-Series is in the cradle on the flat tripod mount. The strong 3M adhesive pads are waterproof and robust, and hold your MUVI securely in place but can also easily be removed by applying heat, such as a hair dryer.

UK Price: £1.15    
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Veho MUVI X-LAPSE 360 Panning Time Lapse Accessory.

The MUVI X-Lapse is the must have accessory for every film maker who wants to add something different to their movie edits. The MUVI X-Lapse enables a film maker to take up to 360 ° degree sweeping time-lapse images that when edited together create an amazing movie effect. It has both male and female standard 1/4 -20 UNC tripod screw threads for both mounting cameras on and also for mounting the MUVI X-Lapse onto a tripod, perfect for lightweight action cameras with a continuous photo mode such as the MUVI HD or GoPro or standard cameras with a time-lapse feature up to a weight of 750 grams. For cameras that are slightly top heavy the MUVI X-Lapse has integral fold out feet to support and distribute the weight. As well as using with camcorders/cameras the MUVI X-Lapse ships with a holder for iPhone/Smartphone and in conjunction with a multitude of smartphone apps enables even the most inexperienced user to make super cool sweeping time-lapse movies. Another option for the most creative of photographers is creating panoramic super wide angle photos by using the MUVI X-Lapse to slowly sweep a panoramic view while the camera or smartphone takes intermittent shots. NB - The MUVI X-Lapse does not come with an app or software but these are readily available on app stores and the internet. Key Features: - Create 90 ° degree (15 minutes), 180 ° degree (30 minutes), 270 ° degree (45 minutes), 360 ° degree (60 minutes) sweeping time-lapse films. - Create 90 ° degree, 180 ° degree, 270 ° degree, 360 ° degree panoramic pictures. - Mount cameras up to 750 grams on the standard 1/4 -20 UNC male tripod screw thread. Perfect for the MUVI HD or other actions cameras with continuous photo mode. - Standard 1/4 -20 UNC female tripod screw thread for mounting on Veho DuoPod tripod or other tripod systems. - Integral fold out feet to stabilize and support larger cameras. - Ships with iPhone/Smartphone holder to enable panoramic time lapse photography using your smartphone

UK Price: £7.81    
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Veho VCC-A020-USM Universal Suction mount with cradle and tripod.

Universal suction mount with cradle and tripod mount for Muvi and Muvi HD

UK Price: £2.24    
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Attach your MUVI or MUVI HD camera to larger handle bars, roll bars, boat masts or any diameter tubes ranging from 16 mm to 58 mm. The Large Pole/Bar Mount is ideal for clamping almost anywhere and is completely compatible with the MUVI cradle mount that comes with your MUVI or MUVI HD camera or using with the tripod mount and waterproof case. The Large Pole/Bar Mount is perfect for mounting ski/surf/snowboard racks, roll cages/bars, bike handlebars and bike frames. The Large Pole/Bar Mount ships with a tripod mount and 2 rubberized bands to help secure your mount and prevent damage so you can position your MUVI camera at any angle you want.

UK Price: £2.24    
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Veho VCC-A043-EHM Extended helmet mount for Muvi K-Series.

The MUVI K-Series extended flat surface mount has a strong robust arm and 3M sticky base designed for raised elevation field of view when filming. The extended flat surface mount is designed for an easy and secure fitting so you can capture all the action, thanks to the strong 3M adhesive base pad, which is perfect for mounting on any smooth flat surface. The strong and robust mount comes with a twist and lock rotating arm, which ensures that the mount doesn't move when performing fast movements. Should you wish to remove or replace the extended flat mount, by applying heat such as a hairdryer, the mount is easy to peel off and re-stick. This mount raises the elevation of the camera to give that floating effect and move the camera away from the surface it is mounted on. This can be useful for flat surfaces such as car bonnets or any kind of boarding sport like snowboard, surf board, wake board, kite board.

UK Price: £3.98    
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Veho VCC-A036-WR Wireless remote control for Muvi K-Series.

Control your MUVI K-Series camera wirelessly for distances of up to 120m (390ft) thanks to the MUVI Wi-Fi remote control from Veho. SRP $59.95 The Wi-Fi wireless remote control has a built-in lithium-ion rechargeable battery which can last up to 5 hours of continuous use when paired with your MUVI K-Series, so you can be sure that you never miss a moment. The rugged and robust design of the Wi-Fi remote has an IP66 rating, which means that the remote is protected from total dust ingress and from high pressure water jets from any direction. Perfect for any action sports such as cycling, skiing/snowboarding, mountain climbing and other outdoor activities. The Wi-Fi remote has 7 controlling buttons allowing you to control all the camera's settings and features, such as video recording, still photos, time-lapse recording and setting and function changes, ensuring you capture what you want. The Wi-Fi remote has a built-in LCD screen, which when paired with your MUVI K-Series will mirror the status screen directly on the remote control, for confirmation of the cameras functions and settings. Using the wrist/body strap you can attach your wireless remote to yourself or your equipment enabling you to keep your hands free for your activity.

UK Price: £8.35    
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Veho VCC-A033-LCD 2 Detachable Colour LCD Screen.

The MUVI K-Series removable LCD screen easily attaches to the cameras to enable menu functions and playback of footage. Simply fit the removable LCD screen to the camera and you can instantly view footage, change settings through the menu function or use as a view finder when filming.

UK Price: £5.84    
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Veho Muvi Extra-Long Extendable Monopod.

The MUVI extra-long extendable monopod from Veho is the perfect monopod for action sports enthusiasts and prosumer filmers. With a super soft rubberized ergonomic grip and adjustable wrist leash it fits perfectly in the hand and will ensure that even if you wipe out you won't lose your camera. Un-extended the MUVI monopod is 62 cm (24 inches) and using the 2 telescopic extenders with locking joints reaches to a huge 145 cm (57 inches). The MUVI monopod is fitted with a multi directional swivel and locking head and tripod mount which all amounts to self-filming and angles that other smaller monopods are just not capable of.

UK Price: £13.68    
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The MUVI universal triple cup suction mount is designed for professional and prosumer use on all flat surfaces that might be moving at high speeds such as vehicles, boats or aircraft. Each suction cup is fitted with its own suction lock and quick release mechanism and has an adjustable design so it can be mounted at different angles to fit many different scenarios or mounting options. This mount ships with 2 sized adjustable arms for mounting your MUVI, action cam or camera. The small arm measures 9 cm (3 inches) and the larger arm 12 cm (5 inches) and both allow swivel head connection to the MUVI cradle or a universal tripod mount.

UK Price: £11.95    
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Veho VCC-A016-HSM Harness mount for Muvi HD.

Chest Harness mount for Muvi and Muvi HD, Inc Tripod mount

UK Price: £7.81    
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Veho Veho VCC-A015-FBM Flat board mount for Muvi HD (Surfboard, s.

Flatboard mount for surfboard, skateboard, snowboard including tripod mount. The MUVI Flat board mount is the must have accessory for all those riders who want to capture footage from the boards perspective. The ultra strong 3M VHB adhesive will fix the mount to any flat surface such as a snowboard or surfboard so that footage can be captured from a unique point of view. The mount is in 2 sections with a saftey leash so that in the evet the camera dislodges from the mount it will be attached to a seprate section. The Flat board mount ships with athe universal tripod mounts.

UK Price: £3.97    
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