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If you have ever had a credit card application declined in the past for any of the following reasons, then Vanquis can likely help you obtain a credit card. a) because you're new to credit, b) you have a history of bad credit, c) you have CCJ's or a bad credit rating, d) you're on a low income, work part time or are self employed. While Vanquis may not be the average bank, you have the confidence of knowing that the company is owned by Provident Financial, and that you're dealing with a reputable company.

In fact, Vanquis have already helped close to half a million people in similar situations to those mentioned above. A Vanquis Visa Card may be just what you need to start regaining your good credit record. You can make a Vanquis Visa credit card application in about five minutes and you'll get a response within 1 minute; financial flexibility and convenience is just a click away. It could be your first step to credit repair � putting a bad credit rating behind you.

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