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Wednesday, 11th November, 2020

Half Price Offers at Scotts Of Stow

Scotts of Stow is synonymous with high-quality and a unique range of products, which makes Scotts of Stow an especial favourite at this time of year when shoppers are looking for gifts which may be slightly different to the norm. Scotts of Stow always has competitive pricing, but right now you can take advantage of even better prices with a variety of half-price offers at the Scotts of Stow website. You can also request your free Scotts of Stow mail-order catalogue while you're there too!

Okay, so here are just a few of the half-price offers which you can currently find at Scotts of Stow UK website, while stocks last. Ideal for gift ideas, if you see something you like then be sure to order right away, as some of these items may not be replenished until post-sale:

Electric Fabric Plate Warmer - Scotts of Stow Price £49.95
Electric Fabric Plate Warmer. This electric plate warmer is the easiest and safest way to heat plates to keep food hot when serving up. Heating up in minutes, it fits up to 10 full-sized dinner plates.

Bubble Stem Wine Glasses - Set of 6 - Scotts of Stow Price £49.95
Bubble Stem Wine Glasses - Set of 6. These beautiful wine glasses have hand-painted bubble stems in gold and jewel shades. They not only add elegance to any occasions, but will also identify whose drink is whose, as each stem is decorated with a different pastel colour.

Decorative Notebooks - Set of 3 - Scotts of Stow Price £24.95
Decorative Notebooks - Set of 3. These decorative notebooks are handy, inexpensive and beautiful. Perfect for everything from practical shopping lists to writing poetry. The front and back covers are richly decorated in metallic paper with 4C printing, embossing and rounded edges.

Travel Backpack Bag - Scotts of Stow Price £19.95
Travel Backpack Bag. Scotts of Stow travel backpack bag is a savvy travelling companion. Safely stash away your cash, cards, passport and camera and have them easily to hand when you’re on the go.

Super Bright COB LED Aluminium Torch - Pack of 5 - Scotts of Stow Price £24.95
Super Bright COB LED Aluminium Torch - Pack of 5. This colourful set of tough, super-bright torches will light your way during dark winter months. Made of durable aluminium with safety straps, the torches illuminate with LEDs. Keep one by your bed; in your car; by the back door; in the garage, and still have one spare to fit neatly in your pocket.

Crystal Lotus Flower Candleholder - Scotts of Stow Price £39.95
Crystal Lotus Flower Candleholder. Lotus Flower Crystal Candle Holder. Fashioned from glittering crystal in the symbolic and beautiful shape of a lotus flower. Associated with renewal and rebirth, the breath-taking flower has 18 multi-faceted crystal ‘petals’ which sparkle like jewels in candlelight.

Bergman Artificial Grass Astro Lawn Rake - Scotts of Stow Price £24.95
Bergman Artificial Grass Astro Lawn Rake. The Bergman Astro artificial lawn rake will remove moss, leaves, stones and debris from your artificial lawn. The membrane backing on artificial grass can get water-logged by a build-up of leaves and dirt, resulting in the growth of weeds and moss.

Neostar Mini Ignite - Scotts of Stow Price £19.95
Neostar Mini IgniteThe Neostar Mini Ignite is the safer, easier way to light more than just candles. This rechargeable electronic lighter is perfect to use instead of matches or conventional gas lighters.

Jumbo Photo Storage Box Set - Scotts of Stow Price £39.95
Jumbo Photo Storage Box Set. This jumbo photo storage box prevents damage to your precious photos through sunlight or careless handling. Now you can retrieve loose photos from shoe boxes, drawers and half-finished albums, bringing them together in one safe place.

Quartz Wall Clock - 30cm - Scotts of Stow Price £19.95
Quartz Wall Clock - 30cm. This quartz wall clock is the smartest way to keep track of time. This classic, domed-bezel wall clock with white face has large, easy-to-read black numbers and hands, so telling the time from a distance is always effortless.

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Scotts of Stow Catalogue Information

Scotts of Stow is a Cotswold-based company that produces the UK`s best-loved mail order catalogue for the kitchen, home and garden. Whether you`re looking for practical ideas or decorative inspiration, you`ll find all you need at Scotts of Stow. From kitchen to dining room, living room to bedroom, and from patio to garden, Scotts have literally thousands of clever, unusual and attractive products, most of which you won`t find in the high street.

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Still feeling the winter chill? Don't worry as Damart's brand new Thermolactyl collection is here to help! With clever technology that works with your body to keep you warm, by using three different fabrics to give you three different body temperatures. This collection is perfect for fighting off the cold and feeling comfortable. Did we mention there is also 20% off selected items? You definitely wouldn't want to miss out on deals like this.

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