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Saturday, 25th November, 2006

Christmas Gifts from Avon Cosmetics

AvonIf you always thought that Avon was only for the ladies then you need to pay a visit to the updated Avon online store, which now has some great gift ideas for women, men and kids alike, plus you'll get a free gift when you spend £25.

Let's share the important part first - the free gift. The current deal, which is a limited time offer, means that you'll get free Remington Travel Hair Straighteners (worth £30) when you spend just £25, which we consider is not a bad deal at all. However, the offer is not likely to last forever, so the sooner you get your Avon shopping done, the better.

Anyway, down to gifts. Avon may not necessarily be the first place you think of for Christmas gifts, but the new Avon store has a whole range of Christmas gift ideas for everyone, women, men and children too. Handily, Avon have also provided a selection of items in different price groups, such as under £5 and under £10. Here are just some of the Christmas gift ideas at Avon:

Gifts for Her:

* Surrender For Her Gift Set - £10.00
* Avon Colour Gift Set - was £16.00, now £10.00
* Arabian Glow Gift Set - was £15.00, now £10.00
* Skin So Soft Soft & Renewed Gift Set - was £10.00, now £7.50

Gifts for Him:

* Touch by Black Suede Gift Set - was £10.00, now £8.00
* Shower Radio - was £10.00, now £8.00
* Surrender For Him Gift Set - £10.00 (save £3)
* Pro Vibe Gift Set - £4

Gifts for Kids:

* Ella Ballerina and Friends Poodle Backpack - £10.00 (or 2 for £15.00)
* Disney Princess Nightdress - £12.00 (or 2 for £18.00)
* Scooby Doo Escape the Phantom Game - £14.00 £12.00 (or 2 for £18.00)
* Thomas and Friends Rucksack - £10.00 (or 2 for £15.00)
* Bratz Baker Boy Hat - £8.00

As you can see, there is plenty of selection for the whole family, and the selection of gifts for children is especially good, with many of the items carrying special "2 for 1" deals, where the second item is half-price. Of course, there are all the usual products you'd expect from Avon as well, such as skincare and other beauty products which also make ideal gifts for all types of occasion.

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Avon Cosmetics, UK Information

Avon is the world`s leading direct seller of beauty and related products and one of the UK`s leading sellers of mass beauty products. Avon also sells an extensive range of fashion jewellery, lingerie, fashion accessories and gifts. In the UK alone, Avon is reaching nearly 8 million customers via `direct to consumer` channels. Look good - shop Avon! For over 130 years, Avon has been doing beauty differently, but isn`t stopping there. Beauty for Avon means innovation, transformation and empowerment. It`s about doing what is right and in helping to create a better tomorrow. From everyday make-up essentials to skincare innovations, the Avon portfolio of beauty products is as impressive as it is varied. Designed to help both men and women reclaim their confidence, Avon work hard so that their customers will look good and feel good, regardless of what their budget may be. Also, not only that, but for more than sixty years Avon UK have dedicated themselves to empowering women through charitable causes. From giving women the vital information they need for checking breast cancer, to supporting them in the fight against gender-based violence, Avon continue to shine a light on the issues women face every day.

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