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Tuesday, 22nd April, 2008

Empire Direct Coupon Codes

We have a total of 24 brand-new Empire Direct voucher codes, all with a different 10% Off promotion. As usual, upon entering the voucher code at basket stage, the discount will be applied once you proceed through to the checkout. With a wide range of electrical appliances, you can really make some big savings with these coupon codes.

For shoppers unfamiliar with Empire Direct, when the voucher code is entered a username is also required; so, you will need to enter one of the voucher-codes (provided below) plus the username edsave.

Voucher Code:
EM4548 - 10% off Plasma tvs voucher
EM4549 - 10% off LCD tvs voucher
EM4550 - 10% off DVD receivers voucher
EM4551 - 10% off Home Cinema Systems voucher
EM4552 - 10% off Digital Camcorders voucher
EM4553 - 10% off DVD Camcorders voucher
EM4554 - 10% off HD Camcorders voucher
EM4555 - 10% off Washers voucher
EM4556 - 10% off Washer Dryers voucher
EM4557 - 10% off Dishwashers voucher
EM4558 - 10% off frost free fridge freezers voucher
EM4559 - 10% off American Cooling voucher
EM4560 - 10% off Built-in Dishwasher voucher
EM4561 - 10% off Built-in Freezers voucher
EM4562 - 10% off Built-in Fridge Freezers voucher
EM4563 - 10% off Built-in Fridges voucher
EM4564 - 10% off Built-in Washers voucher
EM4565 - 10% off Built-in Washer Dryers voucher
EM4566 - 10% off Built-in Electric Ovens voucher
EM4567 - 10% off Built-in Gas Ovens voucher
EM4568 - 10% off Built-in Electric Hobs voucher
EM4569 - 10% off Built-in Gas Hobs voucher
EM4570 - 10% off Hoods voucher
EM4571 - 10% off Built-in Microwaves voucher

Again, the username for all these vouchers is edsave.

The vouchers all expire at midnight on Bank Holiday Monday 5th May 2008.

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