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Stagg S-Series SMC3 XLR Microphone Cable - 3 m, Black, Pack of 3.

Get your music projects going with the Stagg  S-series SMC3 XLR Microphone Cable, ideal  for hobby  and  professional music production.

UK Price: £15.99    

Stagg SUM20 USB Dynamic Microphone - Black.

Record your podcasts in high quality with the Stagg SUM20 USB Dynamic Microphone. It includes table stand and microphone holder and you can simply plug it to your PC using USB port.

UK Price: £37.99    

STAGG SRM70 Ribbon Microphone - Silver.

The Stagg SRM70 Ribbon Microphone is made for professional recording of both vocals and acoustic instruments. It includes a shock mount essential for capturing high quality sound, free from any unwanted stand vibrations.

UK Price: £189.00    

Stagg SUM40 USB Condenser Microphone - Black & Silver.

Create studio-quality sound recordings with the Stagg SUM40 USB Condenser Microphone. It's perfect for capturing vocals, making it ideal for singers, voice over actors and podcasters. Plus, with Windows and Mac OS X compatibility, it's easy to transfer recorded audio files directly to your laptop by connecting the microphone to a USB port.

UK Price: £64.99    

STAGG S-Series Vintage Tweed Cables - 6 m, Blue, Pack of 3.

Plug your guitar into a mixing deck or amp with the Stagg S-Series  Vintage Tweed Cable. The cable features oxygen-free copper, so the music you're playing will sound clearer. The tweed style will also add a vintage touch to your mixing sessions or gigs.

UK Price: £26.99    

Stagg SMOS-05 SET Adjustable Speaker Stand Pair, Black.

Give your speakers or studio monitors a lift with the Stagg SMOS-05 SET Adjustable Speaker Stand Pair. These two desktop stands are sturdy and height-adjustable, so you can fix them as high or low as you need.

UK Price: £53.99    

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