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Switch between your games console and Blu-ray player without having to unplug cables from your TV, thanks to the Sandstrom SHDSW18 5-Port HDMI Switch Box. Designed for TVs and monitors with limited HDMI connectivity, the Sandstrom SHDSW18 can be plugged into your TV's HDMI port to add five HDMI channels. With a remote control, switching to the channel you want to use is easy, whether you're watching a movie or gaming with friends. And with the ability to output in 4K resolution, you can expect consistent high speed transfer and high quality video.

UK Price: £49.99    

SANDSTROM S150PCC20 Screen Cleaner.

Keep all your screens clean and free from fingerprints with the Sandstrom S150PCC20 Screen Cleaner.

UK Price: £9.99    

SANDSTROM S-DBTW18 DABﱓ Bluetooth Clock Radio - Wood.

DAB+ Get your day started the right way with the Sandstrom S-DBTW18 DAB+FM Bluetooth Clock Radio. With a DAB+ tuner, you'll discover new music on your favourite radio stations in much better quality. And with an FM tuner too, there's no shortage of shows to listen to in the morning. 20 presets for DAB+ and FM stations mean you can switch to the show you want to hear with easy navigation. Bluetooth When you want to listen to your own music and podcasts, you don't need to wire up your device to the radio. Bluetooth 4.2 means you can hook your phone up wirelessly up to ten metres away and listen to the music you love clearly. Without the hassle of cables, you're free to move around the room with your device, perfect when you're listening while getting ready to go out. Dual alarm Whether you wake up at a different time on the weekend than weekdays, or you and your partner work at different times, the Sandstrom S-DBTW18's dual alarm is there to make life easier. Set two separate alarms so that you both wake up when you need to. And with up to 30 minutes snooze control, you're easily able to steal those precious extra minutes of sleep. USB connection Having a radio plugged into your bedside doesn't mean you need to find somewhere else to charge your phone. With the USB port at the back, you can charge your smartphone or tablet at the same time as playing the latest hits.

UK Price: £49.99    
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SANDSTROM SSTYGD21 Stylus Pen - Gold, Gold.

The Sandstrom SSTYGD21 Stylus Pen is compatible with all the tablets, so you can draw or simply control your tablet without smudging the screen.

UK Price: £2.99    

SANDSTROM SSTYBK21 Stylus Pen - Black, Black.

The Sandstrom SSTYBK21 Stylus Pen is compatible with all the tablets, so you can draw or simply control your tablet without smudging the screen.

UK Price: £2.99    

SANDSTROM SKBWLTP17 Wireless Keyboard.

Take the Sandstrom SKBWLTP17 Wireless Keyboard anywhere you need for a comfortable working experience. At just under 300 grams and with no cables to connect, you can use the keyboard while travelling on a plane or train, or in a coffee shop. The SKBWLTP17 features a multi-touchpad with gesture function for intuitive control and quick navigation.

UK Price: £24.98    

SANDSTROM S3ACC17 Universal USB Car Charger - 1 m.

Charge your USB devices while travelling in your car. The Sandstrom S3ACC17 Universal USB Car Charger charges most smartphones and mobile devices that are charged with a USB or USB Type-C cable. It'll also charge your Apple devices that use an Apple lightning cable. Its power output of 15 W charges your devices quickly. Just plug it into your cigarette lighter to power your devices during long car journeys. With a 1 m USB 3.1 Type-C cable included in the box, you're ready to go.

UK Price: £9.97    

SANDSTROM 3.5 mm Aux Cable – 1.8 m.

Let the whole party hear your favourite tracks with the Sandstrom 3.5 mm Aux Cable. Connect your phone or MP3 player to an external speaker so everyone can join in on the fun. Or use it to make your wireless headphones wired again if you've forgotten to charge them. They'll sound great too. Audio quality is improved by the gold-plated connectors, which enhances the signal transfer.

UK Price: £12.99    

SANDSTROM Yeti Professional USB Microphone, Gorillapod Starter Kit, Full HD Webcam & 2.1 PC Speakers Bundle.

Blue Yeti Professional USB Microphone - BlackYou'll love the recording quality of the Yeti USB Mic, perfect in almost any situation. It has three custom condenser capsules and four pattern settings that help to provide sharp and crisp audio recording in almost any situation. There are a selection of useful controls on the microphone's body, including headphone volume, pattern selection, microphone gain and mute, and thanks to its plug and play design it is easy to set up and use. It can record in stereo or your choice of three other unique patterns, including cardioid, omnidirectional and bidirectional. This helps to keep you in complete control of the recording process, with quality audio no matter where you position the microphone. With the clever design of the Yeti Mic, it is possible to record almost anything. It is perfect for vocals and musical instruments, podcasts and voiceovers as well as interviews, field recording and conference calls, so you'll be able to capture every moment.______________________________Joby Gorillapod Starter Kit - BlackGive your creative content that extra bit of magic with the Joby Gorillapod Starter Set and get interesting angles for your action videos, selfies, and adventure photos. With several mounts for your smartphones, GoPro, torch or compact camera, the creative options are almost endless. Wrap the flexible legs of the Gorillapod around objects such as poles or trees to get interesting angles or set it up on a table. The rubber feet grip to the surface for stability, so you can focus on getting that perfect shot. Plus, an included universal smartphone clamp fits all phones and the whole kit will easily fit in your bag or rucksack.______________________________Sandstrom SWCAMHD19 Full HD WebcamVideo chat in brilliant 1080p Full HD with the Sandstrom SWCAMHD19 Full HD Webcam. Record, stream or take snapshots with the 2 megapixel camera, while the auto focus feature will make sure you're always in clear view. And with the 83 degree wide view angle, you can fit all your friends in frame for group calls. You won't need to reach for a headset or mic either - there's built-in dual microphones so that your audio is crisp and clear. As well as clipping the Sandstrom SWCAMHD19 onto your monitor, you can use the included tripod to keep your webcam stable and secure. It's easy to set up too - simply plug in the webcam to your computer's USB port and it's ready to go.______________________________Logitech Z333 Multimedia 2.1 PC SpeakersMake the most of your films, games and music with the Logitech Z333 Multimedia 2.1 PC Speakers. With two 40 W front-facing speakers and a 24 W subwoofer, the Logitech Z333 PC Speakers deliver a powerful audio experience whatever you're listening to. The subwoofer features an easy-access bass control knob to let you dial in just the right amount of low-end for your music, games and movies. A 3.5 mm jack input makes connecting your PC and games console quick and easy, while the RCA input makes the speakers compatible with your TV, DVD player and much more. Powerful and with great connectivity options, the Logitech Z333 Multimedia 2.1 PC Speakers are the perfect PCs audio upgrade.

UK Price: £202.96    

SANDSTROM SKBWHBT19 Wireless Keyboard.

Whether you're working at home or on the road, browse in comfort with the Sandstrom SKBWHBT19 Wireless Keyboard. Designed to work with Windows, Mac, Android and iOS devices, it's perfect for switching between your PC at home and your tablet when you're travelling. Its ultra-slim design and metallic back cover offer effortless portability and style. And with a Bluetooth connection, you can easily pair your keyboard without any wires getting in the way. Don't worry about battery life, either. Type away for up to 80 hours before recharging. You won't even need to remove or replace the battery, just plug the cable into your keyboard and laptop, and carry on typing.

UK Price: £29.99    

SANDSTROM SFSWKBG17 Wireless Keyboard.

Top features:- Wireless connection for ease of use - Ultra-slim design helps to keep your computer setup neat and tidy Wireless connectionThe Sandstrom SFSWKBG17 Wireless Keyboard creates a wireless connection between itself and your PC, offering you greater freedom while working. Simply plug the USB receiver into a USB port on your computer and you'll be able to get started quickly and easily. Using two AAA batteries, the keyboard offers up to 90 hours of use. When the batteries run out, simply replace them to keep typing. Ultra-slim designWith its ultra-slim design, the SFSWKBG17 is a practical addition to your computing setup. The full-size keyboard delivers quiet and comfortable typing, with durable keys and an ergonomic design.

UK Price: £29.99    

SANDSTROM STM19 Tilt 32-47 TV Bracket.

The Sandstrom STM19 Tilt 32-47 TV Bracket mounts your TV safely and securely on the wall. The tilt mount is adjustable so you can tilt your TV to get the most comfortable viewing angle, even if your TV is mounted high. The TV bracket comes equipped with a wall template and spirit level to make the installation straightforward, and you can be sure everything is straight before you make holes in your wall.

UK Price: £79.99    

SANDSTROM SMWLFLD19 Wireless Optical Mouse - Black, Black.

Your laptop has a new perfect partner. The Sandstrom SMWLFLD19 Wireless Optical Mouse folds flat when you need to pack it away, so you can just pop it back into shape next time you want to use it. It's wireless too, which means you won't need to mess around with cables either.

UK Price: £12.98    
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SANDSTROM SKBWLFL19 Wireless Folding Keyboard.

Prefer to type on a keyboard instead of on a screen? The Sandstrom SKBWLFL19 Wireless Folding Keyboard is the perfect addition to your tablet or even your phone. It connects wirelessly - all you need is Bluetooth, and then you can start typing up emails, finish off a presentation or edit your essay without needing your laptop. And then when you're done - just fold the keyboard away. The unique folding design means you can easily tuck your keyboard into your bag, you won't even notice it's there until you need it again.

UK Price: £24.98    

SANDSTROM SCMK114 Cable Management Kit.

Organise unruly cables with the Sandstrom SCMK114 Cable Management Kit, helping you label and tidy your array of cables. Ideal for PCs, TVs and audio equipment, this Cable Management Kit includes cable identifiers for clearly labelling each cable, plastic cable ties for keeping cables neatly in place and cable tie bases for affixing cables to surfaces such as walls, skirting or desks. Tangled, messy cables will be a thing of the past with the Sandstrom SCMK114 Cable Management Kit.

UK Price: £9.99    

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