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RICOH TA-1 3D Microphone.

Transform the way you capture 360 ° footage with the help of the Ricoh TA-1 Microphone. It records360 ° spatial audio for more immersive video when used with the Ricoh Theta V camcorder (sold separately). A four-directional microphone picks up deep sounds at middle to low frequencies, which makes it suitable for shooting musical performances and special occasions. Attach the microphone to your camcorder, and you'll pick up audio you wouldn't be able to hear with just a camcorder alone. A wind screen also reduces wind sound while recording so that your videos will be freer of unwanted background noise. The result is videos that sound more professional no matter what you're recording.

UK Price: £249.99    

RICOH TW-1 Underwater Housing.

Want to record professional-looking 360 ° video? Great, but how about recording underwater? That's a little tricky, but not with the Ricoh TW-1 Underwater Housing. The plastic shell is built especially for the Ricoh Theta V Action Camto capture 360 ° video up to 30 metres underwater. Just place your camera inside the housing to protect it from water, and get recording. It's the perfect tool to help you record midrange dives, and your scuba-diving holiday adventures. Or why not use it to record your extreme water sports conquests? How you use it is up to you. The housing is also compatible with Ricoh Theta SC, and S models.

UK Price: £179.99    

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