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Peppa Pig Air Peppa.

Peppa Pig Air Peppa. Preschoolers and Peppa Pig fans ages 3 and up will be delighted with this Air Peppa toy. Inspired by the vehicle seen in entertainment, it comes with a Peppa Pig figure. An attached Miss Rabbit figure is seated in the cockpit, and can flip back to make room for another pilot! The plane's top hinges open, the stairs fold down, and the back trunk opens as well. There are seats for 3 figures in all. (Additional figures sold separately. Subject to availability.) Peppa's suitcase opens and closes, and fits nicely behind the back seat. Preschoolers will love pushing this wheeled plane down pretend runways all around the house! Where is Peppa off to now?

UK Price: £22.99    
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Peppa Pig Air Peppa Jet.

Peppa Pig Air Jet. Take off in Peppa's free-wheeling Jet with Miss Rabbit! Includes articulated Peppa figure and one suitcase. Open up the doors, lower the stairs, then open the baggage hold and load the suitcases! Flip-over Miss Rabbit figure, to make space for Peppa to fly the plane. There's room for Peppa and her friends inside! Styles may vary.

UK Price: £22.99    
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Peppa's Pigs Clever Car.

The Award winning Peppa Pig car! Match the colours, sit them in their correct seat & the narrator congratulates the child's skill! Working headlights & bump avoidance technology activates once all the characters are aboard & the yellow steering wheel is pressed - the narrator encourages play at every step. Peppa's Clever car has bump avoiding sensors and auto-drive on smooth flat surfaces, carpet not recommended. Obstacle avoidance technology steers the car clear of household objects along the way, such as chair legs or other toys! All 4 figures included.

UK Price: £34.99    
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Peppa Pig Growing - Peppa.

Have fun growing your very own cress plant with Peppa Pig and play with her house and garden!An additional growing project in each set for even more fun!Peppa Pots are designed to encourage children to plant ˜easy-to-grow seeds and learn how to look after their plants while having fun playing with Peppa Pig characters.

UK Price: £11.99    
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Peppa Pig Peppa's Family House Playset.

Peppa Pig fans will love pretending that they're spending the day with Peppa Pig in her very own family house! It's filled with 6 fun accessories including a bed, a table and chairs, a sofa, and even a toilet, so kids can arrange the house again and again. The built-in refrigerator and oven accessories feature opening doors, which may be just the thing to spark a Peppa-makes-breakfast adventure! Peppa's 3-room Family Home playset makes an especially nice gift for preschoolers who are just starting to discover this somewhat sassy pig.

UK Price: £22.99    
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Peppa Pig Weebles Pull-Along Play House.

Peppa Pig Weebles Pull-Along Wobbily Play House. Weebles Wobble, but they don't fall down! Have hours of fun with Peppa's Wobbly Playhouse! Wind the handle to move Peppa up and then down the slide. Splash into the muddy puddle! Push Peppa on the swing and the roundabout. Featuring bright colours and classic Peppa Pig styling, the figures are perfectly sized for small hands, and suitable for ages 18 months +. Scaled for play with other Peppa Pig Weebles figures and playsets. Create the world of Peppa Pig Weebles! One Peppa Pig Weebles figure supplied- Others sold separately.

UK Price: £32.99    
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Peppa Pig Beach Campervan.

Peppa Pig Beach Campervan. Preschoolers and Peppa Pig fans ages 3 and up will be delighted with the Peppa's Beach Campervan vehicle toy. Inspired by the family's campervan from entertainment, it comes with all 4 Pig family figures - Peppa, Mummy Pig, Daddy Pig, and little brother George. The roof (with attached storage unit for the family's surfboard!) opens to reveal 2 removable bench seats. The back door folds down to reveal a grill. Rolling wheels let kids push the campervan all around, and imagine exciting beach adventures for Peppa and her family.

UK Price: £33.99    
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Peppa Pig Ferris Wheel Ride Playset.

Enjoy a day at the fair with the Peppa's Ferris Wheel playset! This adorable playset comes with a Peppa figure, teddy-bear accessory, and a Ferris wheel that really spins. Special Peppa Pig figure in her pink polka-dot dress can sit in the Ferris wheel baskets for exciting imaginative play. Peppa can bring her teddy bear along for the ride, too! Preschoolers will love spinning the colourful Ferris wheel 'round and 'round, and Peppa playtime gets more fun when you add more 3 figures (Each sold separately. Subject to availability.) to the Ferris wheel baskets. Inspired by the hit Peppa Pig show, this fun playset makes a wonderful gift for boys and girls.

UK Price: £17.99    
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Peppa Medic Nurse Case.

Be just like Nurse Peppa! This carry case contains all the play accessories you need to be just like a real medic. Contents include a pretend stethoscope, thermometer, otoscope, syringe, plaster, medicine bottle, scissors, mirror and tweezers. The hard-bodied case is perfect for little Peppa Pig fans to use for storage and take everywhere they go. When all the medical emergencies have been attended to, all accessories pack away into the case for tidy away play. This toy promotes imaginative roleplay and social interaction. Suitable for ages 3+.

UK Price: £14.99    

Peppa Pig Peppa's Ice Cream Truck.

With Peppa's Ice Cream Truck vehicle, preschoolers ages 3 and up will love pretending that they're going out for ice cream with Peppa Pig! The fun rolling vehicle features a giant ice cream cone on its top, and a steering wheel that kids can press to hear familiar sounds (Oink! Snort!) from the acclaimed animated show, as well as classic ice cream truck music. This adorable Peppa Pig toy also includes a Peppa Pig figure and a sundae accessory. The Peppa figure can even fit inside the ice cream truck, so kids can pretend she's serving treats to her friends. The figure and accessory store both easily inside the vehicle for easy clean-up and on-the-go play.

UK Price: £24.99    
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Peppa Pig Playtime To Bedtime House.

The Peppa's Playtime to Bedtime House toy lets children imagine a day with Peppa Pig at home. Inspired by the house seen in the animated series, this three-story, five-room playset features a dial that lets pre-schoolers choose daytime or night-time mode. In daytime mode, the narrator might say, 'It is a lovely sunny day'. In night-time mode, it may say, 'It is almost bedtime'. Peppa talks ('Let's play hide-and-seek!'), and she and George giggle, oink and snort. Children will hear the programme's theme song and the sounds of a lively home, including clocks ticking, toilets flushing and grasshoppers chirping. In night-time mode, soft lights brighten the house. The two hotspots, inside and outside, are activated by placing a figure on them, they react differently depending which mode the house is in. With so much to explore, there are plenty of adventures to be had. Is it any wonder Suzy Sheep is here for a visit?

UK Price: £59.99    
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Peppa Pig Peppa's Playgroup Playset.

There's a bell preschoolers can ring by pushing a lever. Is everyone on time? Kids can also move the hands of the clock and turn a dial to change the lessons that appear on the chalkboard as Madame Gazelle narrates. She might say, Today we are learning about music. There's a hotspot in front of the board, too, place a figure on it to hear more phrases, such as Please children, no glitter! The stage comes with a double-sided backdrop, kids can place any 3 figure on it, turn the dial, and watch it move. With 3 figures and 9 accessories, this oinktastic gift is sure to make any preschooler even more excited about Peppa, and school!

UK Price: £41.99    
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Peppa Pig Peppa Sensory Soft Toy.

My First Peppa Pig range is designed for the youngest Peppa Pig fans, to encourage curiosity and independent play in little ones. Peppa Pig Jiggler is made from the softest plush and features classic Peppa Pig styling. The bright and eye catching colours and patterns will appeal to little ones, as well as the rattle feature and different texture surfaces. Pull the bottom of the toy and watch as it jiggles and retracts. The clip is easy to attach to prams, cots, car- seats and more, for play time on the go!

UK Price: £14.99    
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Peppa Pig Crazy Golf with Sound.

The Peppa Pig Crazy Golf set is part of a charming collection of new Peppa Pig toys. Play a fun game of crazy golf with Peppa! With various obstacles to hit the ball under and over, this is the perfect game for your little one that will provide hours of entertainment! Helps to develop fine & gross motor skills.

UK Price: £29.99    
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Peppa Pig Peppa's Pinic Playset.

Looks like Peppa Pig and her best friend, Suzy Sheep, are enjoying lunch in the park! Feature-filled Peppa's Picnic Playset toy lets preschoolers ages 3 and up host a fun-filled outing for the 2 pals. Inspired by the animated series, the set comes with 3-inch Peppa and Suzy figures and 8 fun accessories, including 2 scooters, table, and a flip-top grill. The two-piece duck pond accessory features a dial for little hands to turn - it makes the duckies move around as if they're swimming! Flip the cover of the picnic basket to reveal an image of tasty snacks, and don't forget the pie accessory (dessert is so important)! Kids can reenact scenes from the show or imagine their own adventures with this adorable set.

UK Price: £24.99    
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