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Hoover H Free 300 Cordless Vacuum.

Compact cordless power throughout the home. H-Free C300 is a ground-breaking innovation from Hoover: combining the convenience of cordless with the versatility of a traditional upright vacuum cleaner. The integrated lithium battery pack runs for over 45 minutes in Eco mode without fading: more than enough time to clean a typical home from top to bottom, without the hassle of cables getting in the way. H-Free C300 feels incredibly lightweight in use, and glides around your floors with ease. It even reclines back flat-to-floor, so that you can clean thoroughly underneath your sofa and bed. Not just for floors, H-Free C300 features a long stretch hose and tools that can be used for all sorts of all sorts of above floor cleaning tasks. When you've finished cleaning, the tools can all be stored neatly onboard, and the handle can be pushed down, enabling H-Free C300 to fit into your under-stairs cupboard.

UK Price: £139.99    

Hoover H Free 500 Pets Cordless Vacuum.

H-FREE 500 is the lightest and most compact cordless stick of Hoover's range, with incredible performance, equal to a corded vacuum. It reduces to only 69 cm height in the parking position, for easy storage in a kitchen cupboard, under a table, or wherever you want. H-Lab Brushless Compact Motor provides consistent power output with outstanding suction to pick up all fine dust, larger debris, hair and pet hair. The combination of the powerful motor, air flows and nozzle ensures excellent cleaning results, together with cordless agility and comfort.

UK Price: £179.99    

Hoover H Free 500 Home Cordless Vacuum.

Hoover H Free 500 Home Cordless Vacuum. H-FREE 500 is the lightweight yet powerful cordless vacuum from Hoover, with a turbo boost function to tackle tough cleaning tasks. It's also extremely compact, at under 70cm height in storage mode, with three tools stored conveniently onboard. H-FREE 500 makes light work of cleaning your floors, with a rotating brush bar that can be activated to deep clean carpets, plus a turbo mode for when you need an extra boost of power. H-FREE 500 has 3 handy accessories stored onboard: ready to use at any moment. Use the crevice tool to clean skirting boards and edges, the dusting brush on ornaments and worktops, or the upholstery tool to vacuum your cushions or sofa. Ideal for apartments or smaller homes, H-FREE 500 is under 70cm in height in storage mode, allowing you to keep it in a cupboard. The parking position allows it to stand up unaided, without needing to wall mount.

UK Price: £169.99    

Hoover H Handy 700 Handheld.

H-Free 700 is the high-performance range of cordless vacuum cleaners from Hoover, featuring our 2nd generation motor for 40% more suction power. This versatile cleaner can be used throughout your home and car, with the ability to convert instantly from floors to handheld. Designed with real-life usage in mind, H-Free 700 is not just for fine dust particles, it can also tackle larger debris such as kitchen crumbs. Fingertip controls allow you to select the optimal settings as you clean: whether you are vacuuming the kitchen floors, or reaching up high to dust your window blinds. The Hoover Easy Driving System lets you glide smoothly around obstacles, with a pivoting floor nozzle axis and a low profile foot. Integrated LED lights illuminate dark areas to ensure that no dirt can hide. Disposing of dust is quick, easy and hygienic, as our unique Hoover HSpin-Core technology provides the ultimate dust separation.

UK Price: £99.99    

Hoover HOC3UB5858BI Black & Steel Oven.

Energy rating A. Large 70 litre oven. Fully multifunctional, the oven has nine cooking functions and combines the capabilities of traditional fan and static ovens, giving you the flexibility to cook the way you live. Oven cleaning a breeze with Pyrolytic self-cleaning technology. This oven has Pyrolytic cleaning functionality, whereby the ovens heats to 400c, turning any burnt-on food and grease to ash that is easily be removed. LED display with dial and button controls and programmable digital display timer. The oven door is triple glazed and bottom door hinge position. The cavity has two shelves and an interior light, with a full length electric grill.

UK Price: £349.99    
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Hoover HWC150UKW/N Wine Cooler.

This Hoover wine cooler has capacity for 41 wine bottles, with 6 adjustable bamboo shelves. The elegant dark smoked glass door is designed to protect your wines from UV rays from exposure to light and to prevent dispersion of heat and energy, all factors which could compromise the quality of your wines, and interior LED lighting allows clear visibility of your precious wine bottles with a lower energy consumption. The advanced charcoal filter ensures optimum air quality inside the cabinet. This filter reacts with any odour, perfectly cleaning and purifying the wine environment.

UK Price: £299.99    
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Hoover 25L Digital Combi Microwave.

With versatile cooking features and stylish design, the Hoover HMCI25TB-UK Combination Microwave is an ideal choice for every modern household. Cook meat, fish or side dishes easily thanks to the integrated oven feature. Choose from a wide selection of 32 cooking programs and let the HMCI25TB-UK take care of the daily cooking tasks. Featuring Jet defrost technology and integrated grill the 25-litres microwave offers all you need for convenient cooking. All your food is properly cooked thanks to the inverter technology. The innovative technology uses less amount of energy, which makes cooking efficient, yet thorough. Navigate the menu options easily using the intuitive symbols and see how much time is remaining thanks to the integrated LED display.

UK Price: £149.99    

Hoover Cordless H-FREE 200 HOME Vacuum Cleaner HF222RH.

Get the best of both worlds with Hoover's H-FREE 200 multifunctional cleaning system. Light and agile, it's a cordless vacuum that cleans floors beautifully and can reach the tightest spaces in your home. At the same time, H-FREE 200 delivers outstanding performance and a runtime long enough to clean the whole house. Suitable for all types of flooring, H-FREE 200 boasts incredible performance that matches a corded vacuum cleaner, with a carpet mode that allows you to activate the rotating brush bar for up to 12 minutes of deep cleaning. The Hoover Flat and Drive nozzle is able to swivel from side to side 180 degrees, enabling you to steer around objects such as table legs with ease. You can also recline the vacuum back 90 degrees for cleaning underneath furniture, and the nozzle will stay flush with the floor for the optimal dust pickup. Hoover Vacuum Cleaner Features: Cordless

UK Price: £149.00    

Hoover HF522UPT H-FREE 500 PETS Cordless Vacuum Cleaner.

H-FREE 500 is the lightweight yet powerful cordless vacuum from Hoover, with a turbo boost function to tackle tough cleaning tasks. It's also extremely compact, at under 70 cm (27 ½ in) height in storage mode, allowing you to keep it in a cupboard. The parking position allows it to stand up unaided, without needing to wall mount. H-FREE 500 makes light work of cleaning your floors, with a rotating brush bar that can be activated to deep clean carpets, plus a turbo mode for when you need an extra boost of power. A pets turbo brush is also included in the box, with rotating bristles to loosen pet hairs from your cushions or sofa. Hoover Vacuum Cleaner Features: Cordless

UK Price: £206.00    

Hoover 60cm Gas Hob.

The Hoover HHG6BR4MX four-burner gas hob features a powerful 4kW double crown wok burner, perfect for stir frying and Chinese cooking. It has front-facing controls, with solid cast iron pan stands. A flame safety device on each burner ensures that the gas cuts out if a flame is extinguished.

UK Price: £209.99    
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Large, smart and efficient Wash clothes for your whole family with the Hoover H-Wash 300 H3W 68TME NFC 8kg 1600 Spin Washing Machine and its 8 kg capacity. It'll adjust the cycle based on the weight of your load thanks to the KG mode. That means you don't waste time, water or energy on smaller loads. For even more adjustment, you can set the spin speed and temperature on all cycles. Handy features A variety of rapid cycles will help you get rid of lighter stains quickly. The delay start lets you set a time when you want the cycle to start or finish. It can connect to your phone, where you can access all the functions or even download new ones.

UK Price: £279.99    

Hoover Breeze Pets Cylinder Vacuum.

Breeze Pets won?t let you down with its high performance cyclonic cleaning technology and large capacity bin. It?s quiet at just 78 dBA, that?s about the same level as a normal conversation, perfect if you have pets, children or neighbours you don?t want to disturb. Breeze pets also comes with a pet?s turbo brush to help you tackle stubborn hair. Breeze is compact and has a handy 2-in-1 tool stored neatly on-board.

UK Price: £89.99    

Hoover 25Litre Digital Solo Microwave.

Create exciting meals with the Hoover HMW25STB Solo Microwave. With the press of a button you can cook some pasta or reheat last night's pizza. It's easy to select the right cooking programme with the intuitive touch control panel. And 6 power levels let you adjust the temperature based on the dish you're cooking. With Jet defrost, you can defrost frozen items in no time. The rapid defrosting helps food to keep its original texture, so your defrosted bread looks and tastes just as you've just baked it. The HMW25STB Microwave also has a unique eco mode that helps you save on your electricity bills. And thanks to the child lock, any curious kids are prevented from fiddling with the settings.

UK Price: £129.99    


The Hoover SteamJet Handy Steam Cleaner is perfect for cleaning around the home and getting rid of stubborn stains, grease and mould. The SteamJet Handy can remove up to 99% of bacteria without the use of chemical detergents. Use wet steam for deep cleaning, and dry steam for refreshing clothes without soaking them. And because you've got loads of accessories included, the SteamJet Handy is perfect for a variety of tasks. The deep cleaning conical pipe is designed for concentrating steam for heavily soiled areas, while the refresh conical pipe is perfect for delicate surfaces. There's also a multi-purpose attachment for windows and shower screens. No matter the task, you've got a handy attachment for the job.

UK Price: £49.99    

HH64FC Electric Ceramic Hob - Black, Black.

The Hoover H-HOB 500 CERAMIC HH64FC Electric Ceramic Hob has 4 cooking zones that heat up in seconds, so you don't have to wait around to begin your meal prep. Use the practical touch controls to choose from 9 heat levels or set a timer so you know when your meal is ready. With bevelled edges, all spillages are easy to wipe away when it comes time to tidy up. The HH64FC has a practical child safety lock, making it a great choice for families. Heat indicators alert you when the surface is too hot to touch. ________________________________________________ ELECTRICAL INSTALLATION: This product requires professional installation to a dedicated cooker circuit (identified by a big red cooker switch) by a qualified installer, such as one of our Team Knowhow experts.

UK Price: £199.00    
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