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Eddingtons Valet Plant Fibre Pot Brush.

Vegan-friendly and tough on dirt try this plant fibre pot brush from Eddingtons. The bristles are made of plant fibre as opposed to animal hairs. These fibres are stiff and coarse; making them perfect for scrubbing away at tough stains. The wood han

UK Price: £3.95    
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Compost Pail - Charcoal Grey - 3.5L.

This 3.5L Compost Pail from Eddingtons is a stylish and easy way to recycle your food waste. It sits neatly on your kitchen worktop ready to hold your scraps until they can be composted. The pail is made of robust metal and features chromed handles

UK Price: £22.95    

Eddingtons Valet Plant Fibre Traditional Dish Brush Replacement Heads - Pack of 2.

This is a set of 2 replacement heads for use with the Eddingtons Valet Plant Fibre Traditional Dish Brush. Both of these brush heads are comprised of the same materials as the original brush head. The wood used is responsibly sourced and the bristles

UK Price: £5.95    
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Eddingtons Deluxe Stainless Steel 6 Bottle Wine Cooler & Punch Bowl.

Fabulous wine cooler with an interesting hammered finish. Eddingtons Wine Cooler & Punch Bowl Features: Stainless steel Hammered finish Diameter: 39.5 cm (15 ¼ ins)

UK Price: £75.00    

Eddingtons Valet Natural Bristles Scrubbing Brush.

This Eddingtons brush provides incredible cleaning power while remaining vegan friendly. There are no animal materials used; instead using coarse plant fibres to lift off and scrub away stubborn stains. Every bristle is firmly attached to a responsib

UK Price: £7.50    
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Eddingtons Valet Beechwood Chopping Board Scrub Brush.

The Valet Beechwood Chopping Board Brush is the ideal tool for thoroughly cleaning your chopping boards and removing any deeply ingrained food debris. Its ergonomic design makes it easy to grip while the tough plant fibre bristles provide a deep cle

UK Price: £4.95    
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